Will socialist russia ever return

  • Vladimir putan has too much power

    Vladimir putnam can do what ever he wants because he has so much power so theoretically russia is already a communist country there fore we need to take away russia's power and make them become a fair democracy that doesnt give power to vladimir putan or anyone else that makes the same actions

  • Old Tensions and New Conflicts

    The United States is already in another Cold War with Russia due to events such as Crimea and Syria. The incident in Crimea is simply Russia wanting to take over former Soviet territory. The incident in Syria will be taken advantage of to start poking around in Russia's ally, Iran. This is because Iran and Syria have a mutual defense agreement which the United States and maybe other NATO allies will try take advantage of this by indirectly messing with Syria to the point where Iran outright becomes hostile towards the west which will be NATO's war juristiction to retaliate directly. However, this isn't a grand idea for the west because Iran is not only Russia's ally but China's. Russia and China also have been stopping certain trade with the U.S. dollar in markets such as oil which is pretty much a taste of the U.S.'s own medicine for what it did to the Soviet Union's oil market in the 1980's which is one of the main reasons why the Soviet Union's economy collapsed. Oil is currently dropping in price so Russia and many Middle Eastern countries are suffering from this but as long as the U.S. maintains use of the petrodollar by military force then the U.S. shouldn't be effected because that and faith in the U.S. dollar is what is merely holding in power still. Once the petrodollar collapses Russia will have much more control over the Middle East economically and the U.S. will lose a lot of that control. In the end, worst case senario I believe that neither side is willing to compromise and that not just a cold war but a WW3 would literally happen if both sides deal with this in such a stubborn manner.

  • Decentralized Russia is gradually falling apart

    I see a lot of people saying that Russia suffered the first hand the horror of Communism. However, the History likes to repeat itself. It's like World War One, "A War to end All Wars" and yet even worse conflict split up the World just 21 years after. I guess as Russia will gradually, slowly falling apart the Communism has a high chance to come back. Russia lost control over the time, and while Communist Regime is horrible it holds people in place, force them to work or to suffer. Personally I am against Communism, but from what i see I wouldn't be surprised if we will see on the news that KPRF or other Communist Party will take over.

  • The one reason why the KPRF lost in that last election was a divided left

    Russia's official opposition part is the KPRF (Communist Party of the Russian Federation), they got approximately 19% of the vote, while Independent (another socialist party) got about 8% of the vote. The other consecutive parties (also socialist) got a combined value of 10%, a total combination of the socialist/communist vote was 37%. Putin's party United Russia got 63% of the vote. Yes, even when combining the votes Putin there is evidence of election fraud, in some provinces more than 100% of the population voted in favour of United Russia. As time goes on, KPRF and other socialist parties are slightly gaining votes. Over time it seems likely that if a coalition/merger were to happen United Russia would lose to the socialist parties. Therefore there is a high chance, in the future, that Russia could possibly become Communist. But that is not necessarily bad, I urge you to go to the KPRF's main site. You may find that they are far more progressive than other parties.

  • We want equality

    Equality, free education, free housing, free health care this we want for society, we don't have big dreams luxury cars, we want sample lifestyle too much materialism related with psychiatric desoder doing anything just for profit and profits we want balance in world of power to not crush the lower nations.

  • Most likely so

    Putin said he wants to restore russia to its former glory back to the days of soviet russia. Putin unfortunately has too much power. He invaded ukraine and is attempting to take all the former soviet satellite states and annex them. He probably rigged the votes. He brings back the cold war. Enough said.

  • Putin isn't God

    Putin isn't going to live forever and since the communist party in Russia is the 2nd most popular party it would make sense that Russia will become communist or become the Soviet Union once again after Putin dies. And I wonder how the U.S.A will react if Russia falls to communism.

  • He won't live forever

    Putin is in a powerful position as he has indeed rigged elections in his favour and has developed a cult of personality. But he won't be leader forever, and Russia the Mother land will never forget what raised them from a starved/backward nation to a technologically advanced global superpower. When Putin retires (be it death or not), it is likely with the popularity of the Communist Party, who are the second biggest Party in Russia, that she will go back to her roots. Furthermore there seems to be a lot of anti-American sentiment in areas of the globe currently. The Russian Communists are preaching anti-west sentiment, which already exists through Putin. But also for example, many African states have been turning their backs on trade with America and instead making deals and agreement with China. Even Britain has sought to build better relations with China, which has put America's nose out of joint slightly. So due to Russia's red past and anti-west sentiment, it is likely they could once again don the Hammer and Sickle. But I'm sceptic that the Communists will get a chance to regain power in Russia due to the direction our world is heading. There is a greater totalitarian threat on its way.

  • The USSR will be back

    Well we all know Russia became a Democracy due to the economy collapsing. But now look at Russia today. They are still what they were in the 1917-1989. Besides most of the Russian Population want to go back to a Communist and become the Union of Soviet Social Republic (USSR). They will be back!!!!!!!!!

  • Communism in modern form

    Capitalism is a historical passing phase which has worldwide dominance at this time , however poverty , extreme wealth , individual ownership of big enterprises and land estates , raw material exploitation by multinationals , accumulation of wealth in the hands of a few , will probrably not be tolerated by the majority in years to come . Hence the CPRFs program will recieve most ballot votes .