Will other companies outgrow Tesla

I have been driving for 40 years and have owned more than 20 cars. Even though the various new cars had new features I never remember being delighted and awed on a regular basis by cars other than the Tesla model s. Given that all of the car companies had many years and a lot of money to develop and offer truly new advances in technology, the results have been derivative and incremental. Specifically, why didn't another car company:

Make an electric car that people want. I don't mean a compliance car but a better car than others at the same price point. Faster, quieter, smoother, carries more.

Give us a big touch screen to control most functions rather than knobs. While simple and intuitive it is so powerful I can't imagine going back.

Provide a system for over-the-air updates. When I downloaded system 7 recently, there were more significant changes than would occur in a new model year in other cars.

Give us an alternative to gas stations for both around town and distance travel. Why are other car companies not providing these kind of solutions.

Provide service that is more responsive and a system that doesn't require that they find something to charge you for.

Triy to solve the CO2 problem (since they helped created it) rather that pretend it doesn't exist or worse!

I am not brand loyal and would love to see a compelling car from another company, but at this point all of the others just seem so far behind. What gives?