Why not just abolish marriage

  • It should be either outlawed or legally non-binding

    A) Marriage cannot regulate commitment and it doesn't mandate it, either in sexual or any other way. Marriage, in its current form, is a legal contract that mandates the way the property will be handled and it follows Soviet model of property split with no fault divorce and equal split of assets without regards on how much assets were owned by either party or how much did any side contribute in terms of earnings, expenses, or other non-monetary work. It is the only contract which doesn't bind any party to do anything else, people aren't expected to follow their vows given in front of hundreds of people and verified by a state official with plenty of evidence to confirm their consent, extensive legal checks and joint preparations before and after marriage. Your state will strictly enforce the monetary aspect upon marital dissolution, many men and women were robbed their money, courts simply follow the law which essentially transfers property from more affluent to less affluent individual.

    B) Automatic presumption of paternity. Many men are fooled to be legally liable over children who weren't their own, even though they barely saw them because they separated or divorced within a year or two. Even if the fraud is exposed beyond a short period, nothing will change and the man will still be forced to pay, no sanctions are imposed upon the woman who fooled him. Marriage is invented to impose obligation upon a man to be responsible over a woman he married and her children which were presumed to be his. This norm demanded sexual fidelity on married woman's part. Every other norm was the invention of religion in attempt to further restrict activities perceived as dangerous for society's stability. We don't punish anyone for extramarital sex now, such practice exists only in the most rigid third world countries.

    C) Expenses with divorce. While marriage ceremony can be justified by personal choice, divorce costs are forced upon both parties when one of them wants to divorce. Many couples will have courts and lawyers take every penny out of their pockets, some will be forced to sell their own homes. Divorce will be the final stage of about half of all marriages and marriages are the result of stable unions among couples who usually marry because of tradition and because they think that they won't divorce. Why even engage into an institution with such failure rate when there are no benefits other than the ones that our state creates through possible incentives? Why do you need or want third party determining anything? And why would anyone even want to differ married from unmarried couples? With all that on your mind, you cannot deny that marriage should be gone and nobody should give a damn that it faded away, it became a burden to society and personal relationships, it's a relic of an ancient past and people marry out of sense of duty or perception that it's the 'logical step' in their relationship.

  • Marriage is not love

    Marriage does not mean love. Marriage is a social-economic and religious tradition that was invented to control people of both sexes, but especially women (particullary back in the old days). Weddings are also just a very narcissistic excuse to throw an expensive party where either the bride, the groom or both just want to be the center of the attention. Love is supposed to be intimate and personal, not a public event. Marriage is not a sign of true love either. True love is about sacrifices and completion of one another during the time when two people are together, not some "promise" they give each other in front of a lawyer/priest etc and with hundreds of witnesses.

  • We should abolish marriage.

    We should abolish marriage. There is nothing wrong with wanting to commit to another person for the rest of our lives. However, besides the ceremony where is the benefit in traditional marriage anymore? I think anything that allows the government to control is just a bad idea. Plus I just want to hear Walter on Jeff Dunham break the bad/good news to his wife. Honey, we have a problem, get out.

  • Marriage is the biggest lie and social Construct created by man to destroy the life force and potential of man

    Marriage is a social Construct used to limit us
    It ages you
    It restricts you
    There is no such thing as true love
    60% of marriages fail because the concept itself is flawed and Asinine
    Marriage is completely antithetical to our carnal nature
    Why get married when you can get cheap sex whenever you want?
    Its expensive, Your money should be used for other things
    Why procreate when the earth is already overpopulated?
    Why create a soul tie within a marriage when you can have a soul tie outside of marriage too?
    Marriage has no place in today's society because it is no respected and valued as people are defiling their own marriages with the perversion of affairs, Cheating, Polygamy and threesomes
    So how is marriage so special anyway?
    It is an outdated and obsolete concept in this day and age we no longer need marriage

  • Love shouldn't be a contract

    In the present day, Marriage is basically a legal document making someone stay with you. It also gives one person the right to completely destroy the others life. Take my example. I was married for almost 9 years, And one day after my now ex took me to dinner for my birthday, She tells me she doesn't know if she wants to be married anymore. I was stunned. Sure, She has that right, But what came after is what the problem was in my opinion. I was the one that earned the majority of the money, We have two children and decided that instead of paying babysitters she would raise the children and be a stay at home mother. If she would have been the breadwinner, I would have done the same. Well, Shortly after I found out that she had a boyfriend which is what made all of this make more sense, As she and I got along great, And in all the years we knew each other had argued maybe two or three times. In saying that I understand that doesn't mean someone is happy, Anyway. . . We had just bought a new house, Twice the size of our first for our family maybe 5 months prior. The legal system (and this is the problem) looks as divorce as no fault. So she was able to file, Get primary custody of the kids, Got the house, Got the main car, And gets half of our savings. I also have to pay her $1, 100 a month in child support, She refused me 5050 and the courts sided with her. During this process she was trying to 'fix our marriage' and I found out that she never started seeing the new guy and that made me irate. I got kicked out on my ass and had to start from scratch and she got to sail along like nothing happened. The courts treat me like a criminal and a 2nd class citizen, All because my ex decided that she wanted out of a marriage. Marriage is a mistake, And anyone who makes that mistake shouldn't have to pay for it like I am. Two people have to agree to a marriage, And only one is needed to destroy it. Once a marriage is over, The other party shouldn't be responsible to provide financial support to the other. Child support should be for the child and only the child.

  • An Outdated Institution

    Marriage is a relic from a time in women had few opportunities outside the home. These days, Women have arguably equal rights to men, They could buy their own house or car. And a college education has become a necessity for most jobs. Cohabitation has also become acceptable in society.

  • To death do us part doesn't mean anything anymore

    In wedding vows one of the more interesting ones is ( will x person stay with y person till death do us part) let me ask you people who say we should keep marriage does a 50% divorce rate really sound like these wedding vows mean anything to anyone anymore. If person x is going to leave person y even when they purt off these vows why in my right mind foolishly pay for a wedding, Wedding ring, Clothes, Ect just for her to leave me however many years later in our lives. On top of that in marriage there is going to be a fight there is no way to get around the fact. Why would I pay a person to stay in my house just to argue and bicker with them, If I want that I would much rather go to my work/boss and argue with him because at least I am getting paid to listen to his bullshit. Alright mabey you say( think about the children) well me as a single man who would adopt 2 kids I'm already the father figure, And in schools 90% of teachers are female so there is the mother figure so both ends covered, Have kids, Have good education, Have mother and father figures, No alamoney, No wife to bitch and complain, So yea still no reason to get married. I also have no desire to live past age 50, So if I die at age 50 I will be satisfied with life, And I will leave all my possessions to the kids I raised and I won't leave a widowed women to suffer alone so yea again what benefits is there to marriage again please tell me and I might change my mind.

  • Self Defined Civil Partnerships for All

    All who want a committed relationship should be required to articulate that in a partnership contract that is clear and binding and can be renegotiated over time. Those who cannot articulate their needs and wishes via a contract are not smart enough to get "committed". Equal access to education and careers should be the priority. The state can maintain laws to provide for the financial well-being of children born to uncommitted types.

  • Abolish marriage but not commitment.

    People often see marriage licence as ownership papers, Like they do on an automobile, A house, A piece of property, Or even like when a farmer goes to a sale barn & purchases cattle or chickens. That licence is a security that they own that other person, The other person can't leave them, & the other person has to do as they say. Those papers can actually break up a relationship.

  • Marriage is a Sacrament. It should not be business of the state.

    Why should all taxpayers fund a registry of who is sleeping with whom? Especially when some of them do not even have an access to it in many countries (e. G. Gays or people of undesired religious preferences). People who feel the urge to have their union validated by an authority can create this authority and fund it themselves (e. G. The church). Legal relationships between two individuals can normally also be governed by other legal means than a marriage.