Why Mac is better than PC

There is a never-ending debate as to whether or not a Mac is “better” than a Windows PC.

To us, there is no doubt that a Mac is much more reliable, more user-friendly and provide a greater computer experience than a PC running on Microsoft Windows. This is why more people nowadays are switching to an Apple computer, even though its price is comparatively much higher.

1. User-friendly

A Mac is based on Mac OS X: it is the Operating System, the system core, what allows programs to run, like Windows or Linux for instance…

OS X brings many advantages :

  • Its user-friendly interface: whether you’re a computer savvy or a novice, young or not, you’ll find your way in it.
  • Well-designed ergonomics: with great ease of use and excellent efficiency in carrying out daily tasks.
  • A reliable system: on a Mac, you will be more efficient and won’t spend time on trying to fix your computer like you would have to do trying to protect yourself form viruses or malwares.
  • Opened to other OS: you can share files, read a Windows formatted USB key, share a printer to a PC, even run the Windows OS as a guest OS (using VMware or Parallels)
  • Innovation: Mac OS X is still years ahead of Windows. Thanks to an intuitive Trackpad, a keyboard backlight, a motion sensor to protect your HD, super thin design and a rock solid operating system.

Thus, even with an old Mac, it is still possible to enjoy a great experience.

  • Stability and elegance: Mac OS X combines the stability of Unix systems (used on Web Servers in Data-centers) and the elegance of the Macintosh (interface, look, ergonomics …). So far, antivirus are not mandatory and restarting your Mac is usually unnecessary.

2. Better security and reliability

How often did you have to format your Windows PC because of a virus or a bug? On a Mac, there is almost no viruses, mostly adwares or malwares. Unless you download a lot of “unknown” torrent files or browse some “secret” websites, do not worry using your credit card on your Mac.

On the other hand, the manufacturing quality is excellent: Therefore, a Mac computer is very reliable and will last longer, which usually worth the price difference at purchase. The reliability however has been decreasing in the last years since the industry is pushing towards “programmed obsolescence”. We see more and more Mac models designed this way…

Even though, one main reason why Mac are more reliable is because Apple develops the hardware and the OS which hugely helps when it comes to system stability.

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3. Esthetic

Besides the reliability of a Mac, another Pros and not least is its aesthetics. When purchasing a Mac, you get the impression of unpacking a real jewel: High quality packaging, detail oriented, and finally when you have the machine in your hands you see Right away that we are dealing with a reliable machine with a perfect finish.

4. Lifetime

The purchase of a Mac is a long-term purchase: it is not uncommon to use OS X (the latest version) with a machine purchased 4 or 5 years ago and with an exceptional fluidity. On the other hand, a Mac computer resells very well in the second hand market and with very good prices: for example, a PC laptop bought 2000 dollars will be sold less than 500 dollars 3 years later, while a Mac would still worth more than a 1000 USD…

5. Applications Library is huge

It used to be a time where you had to buy a PC with Windows as your necessary soft-wares were not running on Mac. But nowadays it is a total different story. Mac app Library has grown very fast! Still Windows supports more soft-wares cause Pc has been so popular for decades but the balance is changing. Even, you can now run Windows on your Mac which allows you to run any Windows software. Not to mention that, having a Unix core, Mac Os supports many open source soft-wares that run on Linux. And Apple gives free updates of its multimedia suite “iLife”. This includes iMovie for video editing, Photos as a picture library manager and GarageBand as music recording software. Last but not least, Mac Os Major updates are free.