Why is Lord Shiva called Sahastramoordhnae

ॐ नमः शिवाय means “I bow to Shiva.” Shiva is the supreme reality, the inner Self. It is the consciousness that dwells in all. Shiva is your true identity- your self.

ॐ नमः शिवायOm Namah Shivay is very powerful mantra. It has been said that if this mantra vibrates continually in your heart, then you might not need to perform austerities, meditation, or yog – if you are unable to devote yourself for Yogic activities. You just need to continuously hum the mantra. To repeat this mantra you need no rituals or ceremonies, nor there is restriction that you must repeat it at an auspicious time or in a particular place. This mantra is free of all limitations. It can be repeated by anyone, young or old, rich or poor and no matter what state a person is in, it will purify him. However to derive best results, you should be clean (bath) with pious mindset.

This mahamantra should be recited minimum 5, 11 or 108 times – there is no restriction to the number of recitations thereafter, taking breaks or at a stretch you can chant the mantra to 125000 times for strengthening your aura and stronger will-power. A true devotee is least bothered about counting of recitations, his concentration is so much focused on the Shiv Bhakti that he recites the mantra attentively.

Om Namah Shivay mantra is respectfully recited by Yogis and devotees in prayers and meditation. It represents qualities of a real life – prayer, divinity, love, grace, truth and blissfulness towards Shiv, which has no beginning and end – timeless and eternal. A soulful connection with the cosmic transcendence.

The powerful healing mantra ॐ नमः शिवाय is beneficial in treatment of all physical and mental ailments. Soulful recitation of this mantra brings peace to the heart and joy to the आत्मा (Soul). Recitation multiple times is sound therapy for the body and nectar for the soul – filling material body with positive energies, to elevate consciousness level.


What is Shiva Lingam?

The Sanskrit word ‘Lingam’ means symbol. Thus the literal meaning of Shiva Lingam is the symbol of Shiva. The Supreme Shiva doesn’t have a form and every form is his form. The Shiva Lingam represents him, the Supreme Shiva¸ who is formless. The way when we see a smoke, we infer the presence of fire, the moment we see Shiva Lingam we immediately visualize the existence of the Supreme Shiva.

During the creation a debate took place between the creator Brahma and the preserver Vishnu that who Shiva is. Just then this “Column of light” appeared in front of them on the Hindu month of Margasheersha and Hindu date Poornima or Pratipada. When both the Gods failed to know the real origin and end of this column, Shiva appeared in his visible form. He preached both of them the real meaning of Shiva Lingam.

He said, ” I have two form, Sakala(with form) and Nishkala(with out form). This column of light is my real form. Brahman is my Nishkala form and Maheshwara is my Sakala form.

When I come with sixteen kalas, I become Sakala and when I manifest in the crude energy, I am called Brahman. Brahman means the most enormous (Brihat) and the creator of all. Lingam depicts my formless Brahman power.

This is my Lingam (symbol). Lingam (Braman) and Lingee (आत्मा – Atman) are same, therefore the great souls should also worship me. One who has established Shiva Lingam somewhere in his life, he gets Sayujya Moksha (eternal company of Shiva).

From Vedanta :- A subtle representative of God that is present in our body. Kundalini is coiled with it in three and half coils. This is what Shiva Lingam and snake coiled round depict in our temples. It shows Paramatman in the form of Atman and Shakti in the form of Kundalini.

From Sankya :-The Mool Prakriti that absorbs all the Vikriti came from it finally.

From Nyay Shastra:- A source that can help us to know exactly about a matter or event. So formless Lingam represents the formless power of this universe that is the origin of all the matter and the events of this universe.

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Simple meaning :- Symbol that help us to know, recognize any event or matter as stated above.

It has been a common myth that Shiva Lingam represents male genital organs. This is not only false, misleading but also baseless. Such misinterpretations are done in recent times and popularized to make it common, when Indian literatures came into hands of foreign scholars; Britishers and Muslims. They relied on extracting simple meanings of major Vedic terms with words used in daily life without addressing rightful context. It was difficult to interpret the language, a word may have different meaning depending on the mis-construed understanding. Some of the easy interpretation may be misleading. And such misinterpretation may actually be welcome by skeptics, if they want to find the defects in somebody else’s faith. Shiv LingorLingam means formless^, Shiva Lingam is state of God just before manifestation of Universe.

This misunderstanding is one of the most glaring examples of such a situation. Misinterpretations of actual Sanskrit literature led to this false belief. Shiva Lingam is a differentiating mark; it is certainly not a s*x mark. While the actual meaning of male genital is “shishna” in Sanskrit.

^formless– no living entity or demi-gods have senses to comprehend the formless state of Bhagwan Shiv. All living entities and demi-gods came into existence post manifestation.

Shiv Ling is the divine symbol of formless state for the common people, saints, rishis and demi-gods to meditate the Supreme Soul.

That is why, you should respect saints and rishis but should not pray them. Praying is done for demi-gods and Supreme soul of demi-gods, Bhagwan Shiv.

Let us know what Lingam means as  per The Lingam Purana:

प्रधानं प्रकृतिर यदाहुर्लिगंउत्तम ।
गंध-वर्ण-रसहिंनं शब्द-स्पर्शादिवर्जितं ॥

The foremost Lingam which is devoid of colour, taste, hearing, touch etc is spoken of as Prakriti or nature.

The nature itself is a Lingam (or symbol) of Shiva. When we see nature, we infer the presence of its creator – Shiva. Shiva Lingam is the mark of Shiva the creator, Shiva the sustainer and Shiva the destructor. It also dispels another myth in which Shiva is considered only as a destructor.

Another authentic reference comes from Skanda Purana where lingam is clearly indicated as the supreme Shiva from where the whole universe is created and where it finally submerge.

आकाशं लिंगमित्याहु: पृथ्वी तस्य पीठिका।
आलय: सर्व देवानां लयनार्लिंगमुच्यते ॥
(स्कन्द पुराण)

The endless sky (that great void which contains the entire universe) is the Linga, the Earth is its base. At the end of time the entire universe and all the Gods finally emerge in the Linga itself.

Forms of Shiva Lingam

Shiva Lingam is worshiped in two common forms – Chala (Moveable) Lingam and Achala (Non-Moveable or Fixed) Lingam.

(Nature) Prakriti’s Signature on the Presence of Her Swami, Bhagwan Shiv

Google earth further gave proof to the fact which was cited by several devotees of Mount Kailash, who visited the place. Most of the devotees have confirmed seeing, feeling presence of Bhagwan Shiv.

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The Meaning of Shiv Lingam

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Meaning of Snake, Trishul, Rudraksha and Moon Donned By Shiv

The Energy That Powers All Beings, Planets and Universes…Everything

Scientific Reason of Pouring Milk on Shiv Lingam

Shiv Lingams are placed at the most pious place, garbh griha, in temple. At this location, there is tremendous amount of positive energy flowing all around. Hindus visit the temples not just to respect Gods but also to energize themselves with positive energies.

When milk is poured on the Shiv Lingam to do दुग्ध अभिषेक (milk abhishek) the flow of positive energy starts getting accumulated towards Shiv Lingam so a person who is devotee of Bhagwan Shiv when is closer to the Shiv Lingam and bathes Shiv Lingam with दुग्ध स्नान he accepts the flow of positive energy into his body. Milk is very good conductor of positive energy. Milk of Indian cow (Not Jarsi cow but Desi cow like Gir) when poured on Shiv Lingam reciting mantras- ॐ नमः शिवाय – strengthens  mind, body and inner consciousness of a person.

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During Samudra Manthan (churning of milk ocean) a deadly poison halahal emerged which had power to spread and completely endanger life of all beings. Then all devtas requested Bhagwan Shiv to save the world from the deadly poison. Bhagwan Shiv (Mahadev) took the divine responsibility of saving everyone, he drank all the poison and conserved it on his kanth (कंठ).

The magnitude of toxic level of halahal was tremendous, though it did not had any effect on Bhagwan Shiv, its heat was enormous, to calm down its impact Devtas performed Ganga Abhishek on Mahadev.

Only snakes came forward to support the divine cause of Bhagwan Shiv, they also drank and took some of the poison in their inner fangs. From that day onwards, some snakes became more poisonous.

The Milk Abhishek done by devotees of Shiv on Shiv Lingam is also symbolic representation of abhishek done during Samudra Manthan and they express their gratitude like devtas did after manthan.

Milk is gift to us from Bhagwan ….even breath, body, trees, food, air …infact everything is given by Bhagwan. When we all took birth, we all were naked…what did we bought to this world, what is our contribution to keep this world running…. nothing….because we all are negligible, we are staying alive at the mercy of Bhagwan. Who are we to question that pouring milk on Shiv Lingams is wastage of milk. Are we owning the milk, trees, places, earth or anything offered for free by Bhagwan. No … then who gave us right to only question Vedic values which are based on scientifically driven principles. And not question on evil practices of other religions (adharms), whose evil anti-Vedic concocted god likes to feed on the blood of innocent goats, cows, camels and buffaloes – wherein till date billions of innocent animals are killed just to appease this anti-God satan – killing animals is an evil act and pouring milk on Shiv Lingams is pious karma. Think over it; its easy to bash our core Hindu values which is based on Dharma but very hard to rebut with same vigour about other adharmis because they are very violent and prefer terrorism to silence critics. The moment we start respecting our traditional values and become aggressive. All these satanic people and their terrorism will cease to exist.

|| Tan mann dhan sab hai tera
Shiv sab kuch hai tera
Tera tujhko arpan, kya lage mera ||

मेरा मुझ में कुछ नहीं, जो कुछ है सो तोर |
तेरा तुझको सौपता, क्या लागै है मोर ||

And moreover the poured milk is NEVER wasted, it is used as the charna amrit and the positively energized milk is redistributed among devotees as prasadam.  In fact, we all should be ashamed of the fact that few of our Hindu brothers and sisters do not pour pure milk but mix it with water to dilute the positive impact of the puja. We should completely trust our great culture which is into existence since time immemorial.

Diluted milk has no positive effect on the devotee. No one drinks such diluted milk but shamelessly pour on Shiv Ling. Why commit sin of insulting Bhagwan when you yourself do not consume such adulterated milk.

Hindus come out of slumber and respect your culture or like we lost 84 countries around world, we will lose Bharat too.

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To understand different forms of Bhagwan Shiv you should know 1000+ names of Shiv Sahastranamavali, a divine script given by Bhagwan Krishn to Yudhisthir when Bhism was facing iccha mrityu on death bed.

1013 names from Shiv Sahastranamavali

First 100 Names of Bhagwan Shiv

1.Sthirāy, One who is firm, unchanged, permanent, stable, the substratum
2.Sthāṇave, One who is fixed, motionless
3.Prabhave, One who depends on none to accomplish what He wants, Who is puissant
4.Bheemay, One who is powerful and cannot be defeated when attacked. The Lord is Durga, tormentor of those who commit errors.
5.Pravah, One who is foremost, One who makes the winds to move
6.Varadah, One who generously grants boons to his devotees
7.Varah, The best, most superior, excellent
8.Sarvaaatmah, One who is the indwelling spirit in everything.
9.Sarvavikhyaatah, The Lord is the supreme over all beings, He is the power of renunciation in all beings.
10.Sarvah, One who is all pervading. Nothing exists without His presence.
11.Sarvkaroah, One who is the Creator of all, One who is the subtler doer of all actions.
12.Bhavah, The Lord is the one and only reality from whom creation emerges and into whom it dissolves
13.Jati, One who has matted locks.
14.Charmi, One who wears animal skin as His clothing
15.Shikhandi, The Lord has beautiful matted hair (which look like the peacock’s crest
16.Sarvangah, Whose limbs form the Universe, Who is vast, infinite
17.Sarvabhavanah, The Lord is the very Creator of all beings
18.Haraay, The merciful Lord ‘takes away’ from his devotees their ego, sorrow, pride, etc. Also, one who destroys everything at the time of Pralaya
19.Harinaakshyaay, Who has beautiful deer like eyes
20.Sarvabhoot Haraay, He who destroys everything at the time of great dissolution
21.Prabhuh, One who is the Supreme enjoyer, One who is not dependent on anyone for the accomplishment of any task, and who knows what has been done, what needs to be done, and what will be done.
22.Pravrutti, The Lord is the origin from where all activity flows, the source or energy for action.
23.Nivrutti, The Lord is the power of abstention from action. One, who is content, has accomplished everything that needs to be done.
24.Niyataay, The Lord never fails in his duties. He is consistent in observance of His vows.
25.Shashavtah, One who is eternal
26.Dhruvah, The Lord is firm, unchanged. He is the same in the beginning, middle and the end. He is the ‘Kootasthala’
27.Shmshaanvaaseenae, One who dwells on the cremation grounds. Lord Shiva is the Lord of all created beings, including the bhootas, rakshasas, etc. For Him there is no difference between a beautiful garden and a cemetery.
28.Bhagvaan, He is the Lord of all the ‘Bhagaas’ parts or fortune. One who has all the six great glories – power, wealth, fame, dharma, dispassion and knowledge.
29.Khaecharaay, The Lord resides in the heart of every creature
30.Gocharaay, The Lord is the very dynamism behind the sense organs. ‘Go’ also means the earth, the cows and the Vedas.
31.Ardanaay, One who punishes the enemies of His devotees
32.Abhivaadhyaay, One who is most revered and honored by all, One who is most deserving of worship
33.Mahakarmaa, One who is the very dynamism behind each action, The performer of great tasks
34.Tapasvinae, The Lord who has penance as His wealth, He who is ever engaged in the Self
35.Bhootbhaavanaay, One who has created all elements at His will
36.Unmattvaesh Prcchannaay, One who conceals His real nature by wearing the guise of a lunatic, ignorant
37.Sarvalokaprajaapatayae, Who if the Father or Lord of all the worlds or lokas and of all creatures
38.Maharupaay, One who has an immeasurable form, in whom everything exists. This form is the Virat form of the Lord.
39.Mahakaayaay, Who has a vast body
40.Vrushrupaay, He who is righteousness, Vrush means dharma The Lord is the very essence of dharma.
41.Mahaayashasae, One who is of great fame.
42.Mahaatmanae, One who is the greatest self
43.Sarvabhootaatmanae, The Lord is the indwelling spirit, the Self or Aatman in all
44.Vishvaroopaay, One who has the universe as His form, in Whom the Universe is displayed
45.Mahaahanavae, One who has a vast jaw, to swallow the universe at the time of total destruction. ‘Hanu’ means chin or jaw.
46.Lokapaalaay, One who nourisher and protector of the Worlds
47.Antarhitaatmanae, The Lord is the indweller, subtlest self residing in the inner cavity of the heart.
48.Prasaadaay, He is the giver of supreme grace and bliss
49.Hayagardbhayae, One whose car is drawn by horses or mules. Haya means horse or mule
50.Pavitraay, The Lord is the great purifier or the Lord is reached by purity of actions and vows
51.Mahatae, The Lord protects his devotees from the fear of death and rebirth
52.Niyamaay, One who is attained through purity of vows and actions
53.Niyamaashritaay, The Lord is the refuge of those who follow self-restraint and purity of actions
54.Sarvakarmanae, The Lord is the subtle power in every art, and every action.
55.Svyambhoothaay, He who is self-created. The Lord is the cause of Himself by Himself
56.Aadayae, One who is the beginning of all creatures
57.Aadikaaraay, Aadi – who comes before all, The Lord is Hiranyagarbha- the creator of all things
58.Nidhayae, The Lord is the possessor of inexhaustible treasures and felicities
59.Sahastraakshyaay, One with thousand eyes, really infinite eyes
60.Vishaalaakshyaay, The Lord has wide eyes with vast powers
61.Somaay, The Lord is Soma, the nourishes of the Moon, the nectar in the Moon, which nourishes the plants
62.Nakshtrasaadhakaay, The Lord gives to the virtuous a shining place (Star, like Dhruv, Venus etc.) in the firmament
63.Chandraay, The Lord is the essence in the moon
64.Suryaay, The Lord is the light in the sun
65.Shanaey, The Lord is the planet Saturn, He is a friend of Lord Shani
66.Ketavae, The Lord is the Ascending node, Ketu
67.Grahaay, The Lord is the power in every planet; He is mars, Jupiter, Saturn etc. Grah means that which attracts everything to himself
68.Grahapataey, One who is the Lord of all celestial bodies, the planets, stars, etc.
69.Varaay, The glorious one, The Lord is Brihaspati or Jupiter (the guru of the Devas)
70.Atraey, One who is Mercury or Rishi Atri
71.Atrayaa-namaskatrae, One who was worshipped by Rishi Atri’s wife
72.Mruga-baana-arpaanaay, The Lord shot an arrow at Daksha’s sacrifice, and the Sacrifice took the form of a deer and fled away
73.Anaghaay, Who is sinless
74.Mahaatapasaey, One who has performed the greatest penance to create the Universe
75.Ghoratapasaey, The performer of severe austerities has made the Lord the destroyer of the Universe
76.Adeenaay, The Lord is very compassionate to His devotees, Large hearted
77.Deenasaadhakaay, The one who fulfills the wishes of His devotees, Deen is the poor, saadhak is one who helps.
78.Samvatsaraay, One who is the year and the maker of the year, keeps the wheel of Time rolling
79.Mantraay, Who is the very seed of the Mantra, and the Mantra itself, the Pranav OM,
80.Pramaanaay, The Lord is the supreme authority of all injunctions in the Vedas
81.ParamnTapaay, The Lord is the highest penance, the supreme goal of those who perform austerities
82.Yoginae, One who is devoted to Yoga
83.Yojyaay, One who merges Himself in the Absolute
84.Mahabeejaay, The great seed,the cause of the Universe
85.Maharaetasae, The Lord is the one in whom the manifest and unmanifest form of the universe exists
86.Mahabalaay, One who is possessed of infinite strength
87.Suvarnaraetasae, The Lord whose seed is golden
88.Sarvagyaay, All pervading, Omniscient, who is all knowing
89.Subeejaay, The auspicious cause of all
90.Beejavaahanaay, The Lord carries the seed of action for beings from this world to the other
91.Dashabahavae, One who has ten arms
92.Animishaay, The Lord who does not blink His eyelids, He has a steadfast gaze
93.Neelakanthaay, Blue throated, as He swallowed the terrible poison
94.Umapatayae, The Lord of Mother Uma
95.Vishwaroopay, Whose form is the universe, the origin of all infinite forms
96.Svayamshraeshthaay, The Lord is the greatest or most superior due to His own self
97.Balaveeraay, The Lord is most powerful, mightiest
98.Abalaay, One who is the inert matter, One who protects the weak
99.Ganaay, He is the One who has all the tattwas(Gunas – qualities) in Himself
100.Ganakartrae, One who is the leader or ruler of the Gunas, Tattwas

Second 100 Names of Bhagwan Shiv

101.Ganapatayae, The Lord is the leader of the Ganas (Ganas are those who wait upon Lord Shiva)
102.Digvaasasae, One who is in all directions, One who covers the infinite space
103.Kaamaaay, Who is the object of desire of the virtuous, The Lord is the Lord of Desire
104.Mantravidae, The Lord is the knower of the Mantras, the author of the Mantras, the highest mantra
105.Paramaay, The most Supreme knower of the mantras
106.Mantraay, The Lord is the highest mantra
107.Sarvabhaavakaraay, The very cause of the Universe, as everything has sprung from the Lord Himself
108.Haraay, The universal destroyer, The Lord destroys The sorrow of His devotee- Har to take away
109.Kamandaludharaay, He holds a calabash jar in one of His hands
110.Dhanvinae, He holds the bow- Pinakan in His other hand
111.Banahastaay, He has arrows in another hand
112.Kapaalavatae, Kapaal means skull, He who holds a skull
113.Ashaninae, He holds a thunderbolt
114.Shataghninae, The Lord holds a weapon that can destroy hundreds at a time
115.Khanginae, One who holds a sword
116.Pattishinae, One who bears the battle-axe
117.Aayudhinae, One who bears weapons, trident
118.Mahatae, The greatest, most adored
119.Struvahastaay, The Lord holds the (yagya) sacrificial ladle in His hands
120.Suroopaay, The one with a lovely, enchanting, form
121.Taejasae, The very embodiment of (tejas) an abundance of brilliant energy
122.Taejaskaranidhayae, The Lord gives abundantly to those who worship You
123.Ushneesheenae, One who wears a diadem or turban
124.Suvakatraay, One who has a pleasing voice, A beautiful face
125.Udagraay, The Lord is full of splendor and puissance, exalted
126.Vinataay, The Lord is humble, modest
127.Deerghaay, The Lord is very tall, or one having a long duration
128.Harikaeshaay, The Lord whose senses are the rays that light the objects of the senses, kaesh means rays
129.Suteerthaay, Who is Himself the pilgrimage, the greatest teacher
130.Krushnaay, One who brings infinite bliss, Krush means Bhu, ‘n’ is for nivritti
131.Shrugaalaroopaay, The Lord took the form of a jackal to save His devotee
132.Siddhaarthaay, One whose desires are fulfilled immediately, objects are fulfilled without waiting
133.Mundaay, One who has a bald head(as a mendicant)
134.Sarvashubhamkaraay, One who is the seat of all auspiciousness who does good to all creatures
135.Ajaay, The unborn
136.Bahuroopay, Who takes on innumerable forms
137.Gandhadhaarinae, The Lord carries all kinds of perfumes (Bhasmaa), Gandh means fragrance
138.Kapardinae, Whose hair is matted and holds the Ganga in His locks as the river ascended from Heaven
139.Oordhvaraetasae, The Lord has never fallen from His rigid vows of Brahmachaaraya
140.Oordhvalingaay, The Lord has complete mastery over His passions and urges
141.Urdhvashaayinae, The Lord always sleeps on His back, Shaayinae means to sleep facing up
142.Nabhsthalaay, The Lord is the abode of puissance
143.Trijataay, The Lord has three matted locks on His head
144.Cheeravaasasae, The Lord wears bark clothes or rags, cheer means bark clothes
145.Rudraay, One who is fierce
146.Saenaapatayae, Who is the celestial commander in chief
147.Vibhavae, All pervading
148.Ahashcharaay, One who moves during the day, ‘Ahash’ means day, ‘char’ to move
149.Naktancharaay, One who moves during the night, Naktam means night
150.Tigmamanyavae, The Lord is fierce
151.Suvarchasaay, The Lord has dazzling effulgence
152.Gajaghnae, The slayer of the demon Gaja (elephant) who came to destroy the city of Varanasi
153.Daityaghnae, The Lord is the destroys of the Daityaas, who oppress the worlds
154.Kaalaay, The Lord is Time or Kaal, the destroyer
155.Lokadhaatrae, The Lord is the provider, supporter of the Worlds
156.Gunaakaraay, The Lord has excellent accomplishments, the promulgator of the Gunas
157.Simahashaardularoopaay, The Lord is the form of the Lion and the Tiger
158.Aardracharmaambaraavrutaay, The Lord wears on His body the elephant’s skin
159.Kaalayoginae, The Lord is unaffected by Time as He transcends Time
160.Mahaanaadaay, The one from whom sound originated the great void
161.Sarvakaamaay, One who is the desire of all seekers and the fulfiller of their desires
162.Chatushpathaay, One who is adored in four ways
163.Nishaacharaay, One who roams at night (like the spirits etc.)
164.Praetachaarinae, One who roams in the company of spirits
165.Bhootachaarinae, One who roams in the company of ghostly beings, elements etc.
166.Mahaeshvaraay, The one who is the Supreme Lord of even the celestials
167.Bahubhootaay, The Lord has multiplied Himself into endless forms
168.Bahudharaay, the Lord is the upholder of all the categories beginning with Mahat
169.Svarbhaanavae, The Lord is the primeval ignorance called Rahu
170.Amitaay, One who is immeasureable, infinite
171.Gatayae, The Lord is the Supreme end, the goal
172.Nrutyapriyaay, One who is fond of dancing
173.Nityanartaay, One who is always engaged in dancing
174. Nartakaay, One who makes other to dance
175.Sarvalaalasaay, The Lord is the friend of the Universe
176.Ghoaraay, One who is calm, mild
177.Mahaatapasae, One who has performed great penance
178.Paashaay, The Lord binds all creatures with the rope of (Maya) illusion
179.Nityaay, He is eternal
180.Giriroohaay, One who dwells on the mountains (Kailash)
181.Nabhasae, All pervading, one who is equal to all like Space
182.Sahastrahastaay, The Lord has a thousand arms
183.Vijayaay, One who is victory, the Lord brings victory to his devotees
184.Vyavasaayaay, The Lord is the energy which is the cause of victory
185.Ateendriyaay, The Lord is without any idleness which is the energy for preserving activity
186.Adharshanaay, One who is dauntless, fearless
187.Dharshanaatmanae, The Lord is fear
188.Yagyadhnae, One who put an end to the sacrifice of Daksha and Vali
189.Kaamanaashakaay, The Lord fulfills the desires of His devotees, one who destroys desire
190.Dakshayaagaapahaarinae, One who destroyed Dakshaa’s sacrifice
191.Susahaay, The Lord is amiable
192.Madhyamaay, One who is equal to all
193.Taejoapahaarinae, The Lord is extremely fierce and all creation looks pale (energyless)
194.Balaghnae, The slayer of the Asura Bala
195.Muditaay, One who is happiness, cheerfulness
196.Arthaay, The Lord is the form of wealth cherished by all
197.Ajitaay, One who is ever victorious, never vanquished
198.Avaraay, One who is most adored
199.Gambheeraay, One who has a deep, thundering voice
200.Gambheeraay, One who cannot be fathomed

Third 100 Names of Bhagwan Shiv

201.Gambheerabalavaahanaay, One whose might and that of His companions and Nandi have not and cannot be measured
202.Nyagroadharoopaay, The Lord is the tree of the Universe (Roots above and branches below)
203. Nyagroadhaay, The Lord is the very tree of life, Ashwathaa tree, the banyan tree
204.Vrukshakarnasthitayae, The Lord sleeps on a banyan leaf after the dissolution of the universe, when it is fully covered by water
205.Vibhavae, Supremely compassionate
206.Suteekshnadashanaay, One who has sharp teeth, dashan means teeth
207.Mahaakaayaay, The Lord is very vast in forms and dimensions
208.Mahaananaaay, The Lord is possessed of a mouth large enough to swallow all creation
209.Vishvaksaenaay, The Lord is possessed of an army that is victorious
210.Harayae, The Lord takes away the difficulties and fears of His devotees
211.Yagnaay, The Lord is the very seed of creation
212.Sanayugaapeedavaahanaaay, The Lord has a bull for His vehicle and that bull embellishes the Lord’s flag in battle
213.Tikshanataapaay, The Lord is Agni, One who has performed the greatest austerities Tikshana means sharp
214.Haryashvaay, The Lord is Surya (Sun) who has green horses yoked to His vehicle
215.Sahaay, The Lord is a friend, companion of the Jiva
216.Karmakaalavidae, The Lord is the knower of the proper time for the accomplishment of all acts
217.Vishnuprasaaditaay, To whom Lord Vishnu adores, who is dear to Vishnu, who bestows grace on Vishnu
218.Yagnaay, The Lord is the embodiment of sacrifice
219.Samudraay, The Lord is the ocean; He is vast and appears without beginning or end
220.Vadavaamukhaay, The Lord took the form of Varanbala Mare’s head
221.Hutaashanasahaay, The Lord is the wind, the friend of Agni Deva
222.Prashaantaatmanae, The Lord is calm and serene
223.Hutaashanaay, The Lord is Agni, who consumes the offerings
224.Ugratejaa, The Lord is difficult to approach, of fearsome effulgence
225.Mahatejaa, The Lords effulgence covers the entire universe
226.Janyaay, One who is skilled in battle
227.Vijayakaalavidae, The Lord is the knower of what time to engage in battle, so that victory will be achieved
228.Jyotishaamayanaay, One who has the knowledge of the heavenly bodies, who is the knower of Time
229.Sidhhayae, One who has achieved everything there is to achieve, The Lord is victory
230.Sarvavigrahaay, One whose body is Time, the Lord’s body is never subject to destruction
231. Shikhinae, The Lord is a householder who has a tuft of hair on His head
232.Mundinae, The Lord is a sanyaasin as He has a bald head
233.Jatinae, The Lord is a Vanasprath as He wears matted locks
234.Jvaalinae, The Lord is possessed of fiery rays
235.Murtijaay, The Lord dwells in the cave of the heart of all, The unborn Lord takes multiple forms
236.Moordhagaay, The Lord dwells in the head, mind of all creatures
237.Balinae, The Lord has wrinkles of age
238.Vaenavinae, The Lord holds a wooden flute
239.Panavinae, The Lord holds a tambour
240.Taalinae, The Lord holds a musical instrument called ‘Tali’
241.Khalinae, The Lord has a wooden vessel used for husking
242.Kaalakatakkataay, The Lord covers the maaya (illusion) which covers death (Yama)
243.Nakshtravigrahamatayae, The Lord is an astrologer who directs actions to the wheel of Time
244. Gunavruddhayae, the Lord is the very dynamism of the Gunas (3 modes of prakrutti)
245.Layaay, The Lord in whom all things merge during dissolution
246.Agamaay, The Lord is changeless; He is fixed, stable
247.Prajaapatayae, The Lord/ Father of all creation
248.Vishvabaahavae, The Lord’s arms extend over the whole universe
249.Vibhaagaay, One who can divide Himself into numerous forms
250.Sarvagaay, Everything is pervaded by the Lord
251.Amukhaay, One who needs no mouth to eat (to enjoy the objects or offerings)
252.Vimoachanaay, One who is eternally free, who grants releases His devotees from the bonds of the world
253.Susaranaay, the Lord is easily attainable
254.Hiranyakavoachadbhavaay, The Lord wears a golden mail or armor Hiranya is golden, Kavach is clothing
255.Maedhraaj, The Lord appears in the phallic emblem
256.Balachaarinae, One who wanders in the forest
257.Maheechaarinae, One who wanders over the earth
258.Strootaay, he is omnipresent
259.Sarvatooryaninaadinae, The Lord is the very blare that is produced when all the trumpets in the three worlds are blown
260.Sarvatoadhyaparigrahaay, The Lord has all creatures has His relatives
261.Vyaalroopaay, The Lord is the form of the snake Vyaal means snake (He takes the form of Sesha)
262.Guhaavaasinae, One who dwells in mountain caves, or in the cave of the heart of devotees
263.Guhaay, One who is Lord Guha, the commander in chief of the Devas
264.Maalinae, One who wears a garland of flowers
265.Tarangavidae, One who enjoys the happiness that arises through the possession of objects
266.Tridashaay, The Lord is the one who has created the three stages for all creatures – birth, growth, and death
267.Trikaaladhroogae, One who holds all creatures that exist in the past, present and future
268.Karmasarvabandhavimoachanaay, The Lord destroys all bondage of action, ignorance and desire which leads to rebirth
269.Asuraendraanaam Bandhanaay, The Lord is the binder of the Asura chiefs
270.Yudhishatruvinaashanaay, One who destroys the enemy in battle (both in the inner and outer battle)
271.Saankhyaprasaadaay, One who is attained through knowledge
272.Durvaasasae, the Lord incarnated as Rishi Durvasas
273.Sarvasaadhunishaevitaay, One who is served and adored by the righteous. Also, the Lord serves those who follow the right code of conduct
274.Praskandanaay, One who causes destruction (even of Brahma)
275.Vibhaaganyaay, The Lord gives each their true share of joy and grief according to one’s own actions
276.Atulyaay, One who cannot be compared, measured
277.Yagyabhaagavidae, The Lord knows how the sacrificial offering are allocated among the Devas
278.Sarvachaarinae, One whom roams everywhere
279.Sarvavaasaay, the Lord resides everywhere, omnipresent
280.Durvaasasae, One who does not care about His appearance, clothing, (ill dressed or naked)
281.Vaasavaay, The Lord is Vaasava, Indra
282.Amaraay, One who is immortal
283.Haemaay, The Lord is the Himavat mountain
284.Haemakaraay, The Lord is the maker of pure gold
285.Ayagya, The Lord is without action
286.Sarvadhaarinae, The Lord is the perfect dispenser of the fruits of all acts
287.Dharottamaay, The Lord is the upholder of all creatures – Sesha
288.Lohitaakshaay, The Lord has red eyes
289.Mahaakshaay, The Lord sees everything even beyond the Universe
290.Vijayaakshaay, The Lord’s very presence is victory (The Lord’s eyes are victory)
291.Vishaaradaay, One who is very learned
292.Sarvakaamadaay, The Lord fulfills all the desires of His votaries
293.Sarvakaalaprasaadaay, The embodiment of grace over all periods of time
294.Subalaay, The Lord has great strength which is always used in a good way
295.Balaroopadhrugae, The Lord is the embodiment of Balaraam, the elder brother of Shri Krishna
296.Sangrahaay, One who accepts His devotees as His own, one who is not partial
297.Nigrahaay, One who has control on His senses
298.Kartrae, The Lord is the Doer, one who acts
299.Sarpacheeranivaasaay, One who clothing is woven with snakes
300.Mukhyaay, The Lord is the chief of everything and all beings, Supreme

Fourth 100 Names of Bhagwan Shiv

301.Amukhyaay, The Lord is even the lowest of the chiefs
302.Daehaay, One who dwells in the body
303.Kaahalayae, The Lord has a musical instrument called ‘Kahala’
304.Sarvakaamavaraay, The Lord is the highest goal which all creation seeks, The Lord is the most desired
305.Sarvadaay, The Lord is the giver of everything
306.Sarvatoemukhaay, One who faces all directions
307.Aakaashanirveeroopaay, He is in the form of the sky, formless and yet from whom the various beings have sprung
308.Nipaatitae, The Lord falls into the pit called the body (ignorance and desire)
309.Avashaay, One who becomes helpless for falling into the body (Maya)
310.Khagaay, The Lord resides in the firmament of the heart
311.Raudraroopaay, One who has a terrible form
312.Anshavae, The Lord is the deity called Anshu, tinier than the tiniest particle
313.Aadityaay, The Lord is the embodiment of ‘Aaditya’, the sun
314.Bahurashmayae, One who is possessed of infinite rays
315.Suvarchasinae, One who has brilliant effulgence
316.Vasuvaegaay, The Lord is the strength of the wind
317.Mahaavaegaay, One who has greatest speed, greater than the wind
318.Manovaegaay, The Lord travels at the speed of the mind
319.Nishaacharaay, One who enjoys the objects of the senses through ignorance, One who travels at night, (‘Nisha’ is darkness or ignorance)
320.Sarvavaasinae, the Lord is omnipresent, One who resides everywhere
321.Shriyaavaasinae, The Lord has prosperity as His companion
322.Upadaeshakaraay, the Lord is the instructor, preceptor, knowledge giver
323.Akaaraay, One who knowledge through silence
324.Muniyae, One who observes the vows of silence, etc.
325.Aatmaniraaloekaay, The Lord comes out of the body looking at the self
326.Sambhagraay, One who is greatly adored
327.Sahastradaay, The Lord is the giver of thousands (unlimited)
328.Pakshinae, The Lord is the King of the birds – Garuda
329.Paksharoopaay, The Lord helps His devotees
330.Atideeptaay, One who is exceedingly effulgent, (beyond a million suns shining at the same time)
331.Vishaampatayae, One who is the Lord of all creation,
332.Unmaadaay, One who provokes hunger, desire
333.Madanaay, The Lord is the God of Desire
334.Kaamaay, The Lord is in the form of a lovely lady desired by all; The Lord is the form of Desire
335.Ashwatthaay, The Lord is the tree of the Universe
336.Arthakaraay, One who fulfils the desire of His devotees, Lord of all tresues
337.Yashasae, The Lord is the giver of fame
338.Vaamadaevaay, The Lord is the giver of the fruits of all acts – joy and sorrow
339.Vaamaay, The Lord Himself is the result /fruits of all actions
340. Praachae, The Lord is most ancient
341.Dakshinaay, Who is very skilled, most competent to cover the whole world with a single step
342.Vaamanaay, The Lord is Vaaman, the dwarf who attended the Demon king Baali’s sacrifice
343.Siddhayoeginae, One who has achieved everything that needs to be accomplished, one who has achieved perfection in everything
344.Maharushayae, The Lord is the greatest Rishi
345.Siddhaarthaay, One who always accomplishes his desires, objectives (Lord Dattatrayae)
346.Siddhasaadhanaay, The Lord is a Sanyasin
347.Bhikshayae, The Lord bears the marks of the mendicant order
348.Bhikshuroopaay, The Lord is the Paramhansa, bearing no marks of any order
349.Vipanaay, The Lord transcends all orders
350. Mrudavae, The Lord protects all creatures from all sorts of fears
351. Avyayaay, One who is indestructible
352.Mahaasaenaay, The Lord is the greatest warrior
353.Vishaakhaay, The Lord is Vishakha who was born from Your body when Indra hurled the thunderbolt at You
354.Shashtibhaagaay, The Lord is the very power, glory of the sixty tattwas of the universe
355.Gavaamapatayae, One who is the Lord of the senses, cattle, Vedas
356.Vajrahastaay, One who holds the Vajra (thunderbolt weapon)
357.Vishkambhinae, One who out of His love, entered into the world, The Lord is infinite
358.Chamoostambanaay, The Lord is the one who stupefies the armies of the Asuras and Daityas,(chamoo means an army, Sthamba means to stupefy)
359.Vruttaavruttakaraay, The Lord is the Master of activity and inactivity
360.Taalaay, The Lord has the knowledge of the deepest point in the ocean, signifying the Lord has the knowledge of everything – High and Low
361.Madhavae, The Lord incarnated as Madhu, the race in which Lord Krishna takes birth
362.Madhukaloachanaay, Whose eyes are the color of honey
363.Vaachaspatyaay, The Lord has taken birth after Vrihaspati, also, One who is skilled in words and sounds
364.Vaajasanaay, The Lord takes the form of the Adhvaryu in the offering of Mantraas, alternately, One who is worshipped/honored with Mantraas or oblations
365.Nityaay, The Lord is eternal
366.Aashramapoojitaay, The Lord is worshipped by people in all modes of life
367.Brahmachaarinae, One who is devoted to Brahmans
368.Lokachaareenae, One who roams in all the Lokas/worlds as He is a mendicant
369.Sarvachaarinae, The Lord pervades everything
370.Vichaarinae, One who knows what is truth
371.Vichaaravidae, The Lord knows the thoughts and guides every heart
372.Eeshaanaay, The Supreme Lord covers the whole Universe
373.Eeshwaraay, The Lord stores the actions of all beings, so as to give them the appropriate fruits of their actions
374.Kaalaay, One who is Time
375.Nishaachaarinae, The Lord lives during the night following the dissolution of the Universe
376.Pinaakadhrushae, One who protects His devotes by wielding the bow named Pinaaka
377.Nimittasthaay, The Lord dwells even in the Daityas in the form of marks shot from His bow (Pinaaka)
378.Nimittaay, The Lord is the cause
379.Nandayae, One who is blissful
380.Nandikaraay, The giver of prosperity
381.Harayae, One who takes away the sorrow of His devotees, The Lord incarnated as Lord Hanuman to help Shri Rama
382.Nandishwaraay, One who is the Lord of Nandi and all the Ganas
383.Nandinae, One who is delightful
384.Nandanaay, One who gives full of joy, bliss to all
385.Nandivardhanaay, The Lord enhances the joy of His devotees
386.Bhagahaarinae, The Lord takes away the prosperity of even great ones like Indra
387. Nihantrae, The Lord is the Universal destroyer
388.Kaalaay, One who is the sixty four Kalas (skills, art, etc.)
389.Brahmanae, The Lord is the greatest
390.Pitaamahaay, The grandfather of the worlds
391.Chaturamukhaay, One who has four faces, faces in all directions
392.Mahaalingaay, The greatest Linga/phallus emblem worshipped by all (Gods and Asuras)
393.Chaaroolingaay, The Lord has beautiful and sweet – looking features
394.Lingaadhyakshyaay, The Lord presides over everything
395.Suraadhyakshyaay, One who is the Lord of the Gods
396.Yogaadhyakshyaay, The Lord is the leader of Yoga and also of the Yogis who are in constant Union with the Lord
397.Yugaavahaay, The Lord is the creator and support of the different yugas – Krita, Treta, Dwapara, and Kaliyuga
398.Beejaadhykshyaay, The Lord is the very seed of existence, the father of creation
399.Baajakatrae, The Lord is the cause of the seeds of action, existence, etc.
400.Adhyaatmaanugataay, The Lord is the authority and regulator of the scriptural injunctions regarding the Self

Fifth 100 Names of Bhagwan Shiv

401.Balaaay, One who is all mighty
402.Itihaasaay, One who is most ancient, who is the past and history
403.Sankalpaay, One whose resolves are always successful, the Lord is the work called ‘Mimansa’
404.Gautamaay, One who incarnated as Rishi Gautama, The one who has perfect control over His speech
405.Nishaakaraay, the Lord is the great work on grammar named after the Moon (Nishaakar- one who creates the night)
406.Dambhaay, One who punishes the wicked
407.Admabhaay, He is the One whom no one can punish
408.Vaidambhaay, The Lord is skilled in all religious observances
409.Vashyaay, One who is capable of being conquered only by His devotees
410.Vashakaraay, He subjects all to obey His commands
411.Kalayae, One who brings contention to destroy the Worlds
412.Lokakartrae, The Lord is the creator of the (14) spheres – lokaas
413.Pashupatayae, The Lord is the father/creator of all the jeevas from Brahmaji to the tiny grass
414.Mahaakartrae, The Lord is the creator of the five original elements
415.Anoashadhaay, The Lord is unattached to all acts and enjoyments
416.Aksharaay, The one who is free from decay, does not perish, indestructible
417.Parabrahmanae, The Lord is most supreme giver of joy, the highest bliss
418.Balavatae, One of greatest strength might
419.Shakraay, The Lord is Indra, Shakra
420.Neetayae, The Lord is the punishment inflicted on the wrong doers
421.Aneetayae, The Lord is the form of dictatorship prevailing in the worlds
422.Shuddhaatmanae, One who is the pure Soul, blissful
423.Shuddhaay, The Lord is blameless; He is without fault of any kind
424.Maanyaay, He is the one worthy of worship, honor
425.Gataagataay, The Lord is one from who the Worlds continuously appear and disappear
426.Bahuprasaadaay, The giver of the highest grace
427.Susvapnaay, The giver of good dreams
428.Darpanaay, The Lord is a mirror in which the Worlds are reflected
429.Amitrajitae, One who has conquered both His internal and external enemies
430. Vaedakaaraay, The author of the Vedas
431.Mantrakaaraay, The author of the Mantras, Tantraas and Puranaas
432.Vidvaan, One who has great knowledge of everything; animate and inanimate
433.Samaramadanaay, He is the crusher of the foes
434.Mahaamaeghanivaasinae, He resides in the mighty clouds which are formed at the time of Universal dissolution
435.Mahaaghoeraay, The great destroyer
436.Vashinae, The Lord successfully brings all creation under His control
437.Karaay, The Lord is the doer of all actions
438.Agnijwaalaay, One who has fire as His energy, strength, and vitality
439.Mahaajwaalaay, The one whose energy is mightier than fire, glowing in greatest splendor
440.Atidhoomraay, The Lord is the Yugafire that consumes everything
441.Hutaay, One who is gratified through sacfricial offerings, oblations
442.Havishae, The Lord is the Havis (water and other liquids) offered with the Mantras
443.Vrushanaay, The Lord is the embodiment of righteousness, Dharma
444.Shankaraay, the giver of the highest joy, bliss
445.Nityaay, Unchanging, always the same
446.Varchasvinae, The great effulgence
447.Dhoomakaetanaay, The Lord is the form of fire and smoke
448.Neelaay, One who is the color of emerald
449.Angalubdhaay, One who is always present in the phallic emblem
450.Shoabhanaay, He is the source of Auspiciousness
451.Niravagrahaay, One who cannot be baffled by anything or anybody
452.Svatidaay, The Lord is the giver of blessings, prosperity
453.Svatibhaavaay, The Lord is the very form of blessings, prosperity
454.Bhaaginae, One who receives His share in the sacrificial offerings
455.Bhaagakaraay, The Lord distributes to each their share in the sacrifice
456.Laghavae, One who is very nimble, has great speed
457.Utsangaay, One who is dissociated from all objects, non-attached
458.Mahaangaay, The Lord has the mightiest and most perfect limbs
459.Mahaagarbhaparaayanaay, The Lord is the supreme creator of the stream of Universes
460.Krushnavarnaay, One who is of a dark complexion (In your form as Lord Vishnu)
461.Suvarnaay, One who is of a golden/fair complexion (In your form as samba, Lord Krishna’s son)
462.Sarvadaehinaamindrinaay, One who dwells in all creatures as the master of the senses
463.Mahaapaadaay, One who is of large strides/ who has greatest feet
464.Mahaahastaay, One who has vast hands
465.Mahaakaayaay, The Lord has a vast body
466.Mahaayashasae, One who is of greatest fame
467.Mahaamoordhnae, The Lord has a vast head, (moordha means the crown of the head)
468.Mahaamaatraay, One who is of vast dimensions
469.Mahaanaetraay, One who has vast vision
470.Nishaalayaay, The Lord is the abode of darkness, ignorance
471.Mahaantakaay, The Lord is the greatest Destroyer in whom everything merges at the time of dissolution
472.Mahaakarnaay, He is the one with the greatest ears
473.Mahoeshthaay, The Lord has the greatest lips
474.Mahaahanavae, One who has the greatest chin, cheeks
475.Mahaanaasaay, The Lord has the greatest nose
476.Mahaakambavae, The one with the greatest throat
477.Mahaagreevaay, The Lord has the greatest neck
478.Shmashaanabhaajae, The giver of liberation (mukti), He tears the bonds of attachment to the body
479.Mahaavakshasae, The Lord has the greatest chest
480.Mahoeraskaay, The Lord has the greatest compassion
481.Antaraatmanae, The Lord dwells in the heart lotus of every being
482.Mrugalayaay, The Lord has a deer on His lap, (He is the shelter for even the animals)
483.Lambanaay, From whom innumerable worlds hang, just like fruits hang from a tree
484.Lambitoeshthaay, The Lord stretches His lips at the time of dissolution to swallow the Universes
485.Mahaamaayaay, The Lord creates the greatest illusion (Maaya)
486.Payonidhayae, The Lord is the vast ocean of milk
487.Mahaadantaay, The Lord has the greatest teeth
488.Mahaadanshtraay, He has the greatest jaws
489.Mahaajihvaay, The Lord has the greatest tongue
490.Mahaamukhaay, The Lord has the greatest mouth
491.Mahaanakhaay, The Lord has the greatest nails (In His incarnation as the Man-lion, Narasimha)
492.Mahaaroemnae, The Lord has vast bristles (hair on the body in the Boar incarnation)
493.Mahaakaeshaay, The Lord has hair of infinite length
494.Mahaajataay, The Lord has the greatest matted locks of hair (Jataa)
495.Prasannaay, The Lord is always cheerful, blissful
496.Prasaadaay, He if the very form of graciousness, kindness
497.Pratyayaay, The Lord is the very form of belief
498.Girisaadhanaay, The Lord has the mountain as His bow
499.Snaehanaay, One who is like a father in affection towards his children
500.Asnaehanaay, One who is not affectionate, non-attached

Sixth 100 Names of Bhagwan Shiv

501.Ajitaay, He is unconquerable, cannot be vanquished
502.Mahaamunayae, The Lord who is the greatest contemplator, yogi or Muni
503.Vrukshaakaaraay, The Lord is the form of a tree of the Universe
504.Vrukshakaetavae, One who is the very tree of the universe
505.Analaay, The Lord is the form of Fire
506.Vaayuvaahanaay, The Lord has the wind for His vehicle for moving from place to place
507.Gandalinae, The Lord rules over the hills
508.Maeroodhaamnae, The Lord resides on Mount Maeru
509.Devaadhipatayae, The Lord is the chief of all the celestials
510.Atharvasheershaay, He is the ruler of fame, prosperity, the Lord is the head of the Atharvans
511.Saamaasyaay, The Lord has the Saaman hymns for His mouths
512.Rshaksahastramitaekshanaay, The Lord has the thousand Riks for His innumerable eyes
513.Yajuhapaadabhujaay, One whose form are the very limbs of the sacrifice- the feet and the hands
514.Guhyaay, One who resides in the cave of the heart, The knower of the secret meaning of the Upanishads
515.Prakaashaay, He is the light of knowledge, rituals
516.Jangamaay, The Lord is the form of everything that moves, wandering sages
517.Amoeghaarthaay, The Lord’s actions are never fruitless or purposeless
518.Prasaadaay, The Lord is the giver of grace
519.Aabhigamyaay, One who is the Lord of the senses, perception
520.Sudarshanaay, The Lord has a beautiful form, an auspicious form
521.Upakaaraay, One who, fulfills the wishes of His devotees, He is the act of goodness
522.Priyaay, One who is loved by all
523.Sarvaay, He is all pervading
524.Kanakaay, The Lord is gold held dearly by all
525.Kaanchanacchavayae, The Lord has effulgence like that of burnished gold
526.Naabhayae, The Lord is the navel of the Universe
527.Nandikaraay, the Lord is the giver of joy, happiness
528.Bhaavaay, The Lord is the form of faith and devotion of the righteous
529.Pushkarasthapatayae, The Lord is the skilled artesian of the Universe, father who creates all beings
530.Sthiraay, One who is unchanging, firm
531.Dvaadashaay, The Lord is the twelve stages through which the Jeeva passes, (the last being Moeksha)
532.Traasanaay, The one who causes fear
533.Aadhyaay, The Lord is the beginning of everything, the first, and the foremost
534.Yagyaay, The Lord unifies the Jeeva with the Supreme through Yoga
535.Yagyasamaahitaay, The Lord is the very process of unification of the Jeeva with the Brahman
536.Naktaay, He is the unmanifested
537.Kalayae, He who is associated with Kaali (The presiding deity of Kalyuga)
538.Kaalaay, The Lord is time eternal
539.Makaraay, The Lord is the formation of the stars as Sishumara (crocodile)
540.Kalapoojitaay, The Lord is worshipped by Kaal, Death himself
541.Saganaay, The Lord lives amongst His Ganaas/devotees
542.Ganakaaraay, The Lord makes His devotees His Ganaas
543.Bhootavaahanasaarathayae, Whose charioteer is Lord Brahma himself, Whose chariot is driven by the host of ghosts, goblins, and Ganaas
544.Bhasmashayaay, The Lord sleeps on the bed of ashes (Ashes – Bhasma signifies the destruction of sin, diseases and attachment)
545.Bhasmagoeptrae, The Lord protects the Universe with His sacred ash
546.Bhasmabhootaay, The Lord’s body is made of ashes (Referring here to the story of Rishi Manakanaka)
547.Taravae, You are the wish granting tree of life
548.Ganaay, The Lord gives His form to His Ganaas
549.Loekapaalaay, You are the nourisher, protectors of the worlds
550.Aloekaay, The Lord transcends all the Worlds, regions
551.Mahaatmanae, The Lord is the greatest
552.Sarvapoojitaay, One who is worshipped and adored by all
553.Shuklaay, One who is white and pure
554.Trishuklaay, The Lord has the perfect and purest speech, mind and body
555.Sampannaay, One who is accomplished, has achieved everything
556.Suchiayae, One who cannot be tainted by any impurity
557.Bhootanishaevitaay, The Lord is the goal of the ancient sages
558.Aashramasthaay, One who is of the form of righteous duty of the four orders
559.Kriyaavasthaay, The Lord is the righteousness of the acts of sacrifice
560.Vishvakarmapatayae, The Lord is the skilled architect/ creator of the world
561.Varaay, The best, excellent, the primeval form
562.Vishaalashaakhaay, Like the branches, the Lord’s arm are vast and spread out
563.Taamroeshthaay, One who has copper color lips
564.Ambajaay, The waters of the ocean are the Lord’s form
565.Sunishchalaay, One who is stable
566.Kapilaay, Most righteous, the Lord is Kapila Muni
567.Kapishaay, One who is brown in form
568.Shuklaay, One who is white, glowing in form
569.Aayushae, The Lord is the giver of a long life
570.Paraay, The Lord is most ancient
571.Aparaay, The Lord is the most modern
572.Gandharvaay, One who knows all about music and praises, one who is the form of the Gandharvaas
573.Aditayae, The Lord is the mother of the celestials in the form of Mother Aditi
574.Taarkshyaay, The Lord is the form of the king of birds as Garuda, the son of Rishi Kashyap
575.Suvigyaeyaay, One who is easy to comprehend
576.Sushaaradaay, The Lord has excellent speech
577.Parashvadhaayudhaay, One who carries a battle axe
578.Daevaay, One who revels,The Lord of the Gods
579.Anukaarinae, One who fulfills the desires of His devotees, He accomplishes the wishes of all
580.Subaandhavaay, He is the friend, an excellent kinsman
581.Tumbaveenaay, One who holds a lute made of hollow gourd, ‘tumb’ is a kind of gourd
582.Mahaakroedhaay, One with the greatest wrath (which the Lord displays at the time of dissolution)
583.Ooradhvaraetasae, One who has for His offspring the highest beings (like Brahmaji and Vishnu)
584.Jalaeshayaay, The Lord is the form of Vishnu who dwells on the waters after the universal dissolution
585.Ugraay, One who displays a fierce looking form
586.Vanshakaraay, One who promotes the family line, procreates
587.Vanshaay, He is the father of the family line, the continuity from generation to generation
588.Vanshanaadaay, The Lord is the very sound that emits from the flute
589.Aninditaay, The Lord is faultless
590.Sarvaangaroopaay, The Lord has perfect and beautiful limbs
591.Maayaavinae, He is the creator of the illusion that binds all beings
592.Suhrudaay, The kind hearted Lord does good to all without expecting anything in return
593.Anilaay, The Lord is the Wind
594.Analaay, The Lord is the element fire
595.Bandhanaay, He allows Himself to be bound to His devotees
596.Bandhakartrae, The Lord is the creator of the bonds that binds the Jeeva to the World
597.Subandhanvimochanaay, He is the one who tears the bonds of those who bind themselves to Him
598.Sayagyaarayae, The Lord dwells with even the Daityas (demons) who are the destroyers of the sacrifices
599.Sakaamaarayae, The Lord is full of love even for those who are enemies of all acts
600.Mahaadamshtraay, One with great and fearful teeth

Seventh 100 Names of Bhagwan Shiv

601.Mahaayudhaay, The greatest warrior with mighty weapons
602.Bahudhaaninditaay, The Lord has been accused and criticized numerous times
603.Sharvaay, The Lord caused confusion in the Rishis living in the Daruka forest (This was only to help the Rishis)
604.Shankaraay, The Lord does good to even those who have moved away from Him (Reference to the Rishis of the Daruka forest)
605.Shankaraay, The Lord dispels the fears of all and gives them liberation (Reference to the Rishis of the Daruka forest)(this name appears twice in the Shiv Sahastranama)
606.Adhanaay, One who has no wealth, and lives as a pauper
607.Amaraeshaay, The Lord is the Lord of the celestials
608.Mahaadaevaay, The greatest Lord
609.Vishwadaevaay, The Lord of the Universe, one who is adored even by Lord Vishnu
610.Suraaridhnae, The Lord destroys the enemies of the Gods
611.Ahirbudhnyaay, The Lord lives in the form of Sesha (the great serpent) in the nether worlds
612.Anilaabhaay, the Lord is all pervading. He is invisible like the wind, but can be known
613.Chaekitaay, One who knows the root matter of everything
614.Havishae, One who is the Oblation, One who enjoys the Havis (object)
615.Ajaikapaadae, Among the eleven Rudras the Lord is Ajaikapaad
616.Kapaalinae, One who wears a garland of skulls around his neck
617.Trishankavae, The Lord is the form of all the Jeevas (self) with the three attributes of the Gunaas
618.Ajitaay, He is invincible, unconquerable
619.Shivaay, The Auspicious one, the state of pure existence that is not possible to describe through words
620.Dhanvantarayae, The Lord is the physician Dhanvantaree
621.Dhoomakaetavae, The Lord is the comet of difficulties that are experienced by the sinful
622.Skandaay, The father of Skanda, the great commander
623.Vaishravanaay, You are the Lord of the Yakshaas and Kubera, who is inseparable from you
624.Dhaatrae, You are the giver, protector, and the support of all
625.Shakraay, The Lord is Indra
626.Vishnavae, The Lord is Vishnu the all pervading
627.Mitraay, The Lord is Mitra, the Sun
628.Tvashtrae, The Lord is celestial builder
629.Dhruvaay, The Lord is the Pole Star, One who is firm and not changing his position
630.Dharaay, The Lord is the supporter of everything
631.Prabhaavaay, Among the Vaasus the Lord is Prabhaava, One who influences
632.Sarvagavaay, All pervading, The Lord is the wind which is capable of going everywhere
633.Aryamnae, The Lord is the form of Aryamaa, the leader of the Pitris (Manes)
634.Savitrae, The Lord is power of the Sun
635.Ravayae, The Lord is the Sun
636.Ushangavae, The Lord is the great ancient king Ushangu
637.Vidhaatrae, The supporter of all creation
638.Maandhaatrae, The Lord is the giver of honor; He is the one who gratifies all creatures
639.Bhootabhavaay, He is the source of all creatures
640.Vibhavae, One who has diverse forms
641.Varnavibhaavinae, The Lord is the author of the different categories
642.Sarvakaamagunaavahaay, The Lord upholds the desires of His devotees and all the attributes of nature
643.Padmanaabhaay, The Lord holds the World lotus on His navel
644.Mahaagarbhaay, The Lord is the great womb of creation
645.Chandravaktraay, Who holds the curved moon on His head, Whose face in lovely as the moon
646.Anilaay, The Lord is the wind
647.Analaay, The Lord is the fire
648.Balavatae, One who has immense strength, might
649.Upashaantaay, One who is peaceful or tranquil
650.Puraanaay, He is most ancient
651.Punyachanchavae, The Lord is supremely pure and expert in all undertakings, One who is known through righteousness
652.Ityai, The Lord is Lakshmi, auspiciousness
653.Kurookartrae, The Lord is the author of the field and the actions
654.Kuroovaasinae, The one who abides in the field of action
655.Puroohootaay, The Lord is the very self of the field of action
656.Gunaushadhaay, The Lord is the medicine to overcome the attributes of nature (Gunas)
657.Sarvaashayaay, The Lord is the resting place for everything
658.Darbhachaarinae, The Lord treads the sacred grounds where the sacred grass grows (Darbha)
659.Sarvapraanipatayae, The Lord is the Lord of all creatures
660.Devadevaay, The God of Gods
661.Sukhaasaktaay, The Lord is blissfull
662.Sadasatae, The Lord is the cause and the Lord is the effect (Sat and Asat)
663.Sarvaratnavidae, One who possesses the best of all things
664.Kailaasagirivaasinae, The one who resides on Mt. Kailaasa
665.Himavadgirisamashrayaay, The Lord dwells on the Himaavat Mountain
666.Koolahaarinae, The Lord washes away everything like the current sweeps everything from its banks
667.Koolakartae, The Lord is the creator of the safe banks for His devotees
668.Bahuvidyaay, One who has the knowledge of infinite kinds
669.Bahupradaay, The Lord is the giver of infinite gifts, blessings
670.Vanijaay, One who is a trader
671.Vadhakinae, One who is a carpenter- The Lord is the creator/builder
672.Vrukshaay, The Lord is the tree that provides all the needs
673.Bakulaay, The Lord is fragrant like the bakulaa flowers
674.Chandanaay, The Lord is the Sandalwood tree, fragrant like
675.Chhandaay, The Lord is the form of verses, composition
676.Saaragreevaay, The Lord has an excellent neck
677.Mahaajatravae, The Lord has a vast shoulder joint
678.Aloelaay, The Lord is tranquil, not restless
679.Mahoashadhaay, The Lord is the form of herbs, plants, and medicine
680.Siddhaarthakaarinae, One who grants success in achieving their goals
681.Chhandovyaakaranottarsiddhaarthaay, The Lord knows the true and correct meanings of both the Vedas and Grammar
682.Simhanaadaay, The Lord has the roar of the lion
683.Simhadamshtraay, The Lord has fierce fangs like the lion
684.Simhagaay, The Lord rides on the lion
685.Simhavaahanaay, One who vehicle is pulled by lions
686.Prabhaavaatmanae, The Lord is the truth of truths
687.Jagatkaalasthaanaay, The Lord brings about destruction of the Universe
688.Lokahitaay, The Lord is always working for the welfare of the world
689.Taravae, The Lord rescues all aerations from distress
690.Saarangaay, One who is of the form of the bird – Saaranga
691.Navachakraangaay, One who is the form of a new (young) swan
692.Kaetumaalinae, The Lord looks beautiful with flowers forming a crest on His head (like that of the peacock)
693.Sabhaayanaay, The Lord protects the assemblies where the wise gather to give justice
694.Bhootaalayaay, The Lord is the refuge, shelter of the goblins, ghosts etc.
695.Bhootapatayae, One who is the head of ghosts and goblins (all creatures)
696.Ahoeraatraay, The Lord is the day and the night (eternity)
697.Aninditaay, The Lord is faultless
698.Sarvabhootavaahitrae, The Lord carries, supports all
699.Sarvabhootanilayaay, The Lord is the refuge of all
700.Vibhayae, The Lord is birth less

Eighth 100 Names of Bhagwan Shiv

701.Bhavaay, The Lord is existence
702.Amoeghaay, One who is useful, The Lord is ever fruitful (‘Moegh’ means useless)
703.Samyataay, One who is steadfast in Dhyaana, (concentration) and Samadhi
704.Ashvaay, The Lord is the form of the horse ‘Uchchaisravaas’
705.Bhoejanaay, The provider of food
706.Praanadhaaranaay, The upholder of life breath in all creation
707.Dhrutimatae, The Lord one who is firm, extremely patient
708.Matimatae, One who has correct understanding, judgment, intelligence
709.Dakshaay, One who is skilled and clever
710.Satkrutaay, The Lord is revered, respected, honored by all
711.Yugaadhipaay, One who intelligently distributes the fruits of righteousness and sin
712.Gopaalaay, The Lord is the protector of the senses
713.Gopatayae, One who is the Lord of the senses
714.Graamaay, The Lord is a collection of all things
715.Gocharmavasano, One whose clothes are made from cow hide
716.Harayae, One who takes away the sorrow of His devotess
717.Hiranyabaahavae, The one who has golden arms
718.Pravaeshinaama Guhaapaalaay, The Lord protects the yogis who are trying to enter into the Self
719.Prakrushtaarayae, The one who has destroyed all His foes
720.Mahaaharshaay, One who happiness is great, beyond measure
721.Jitakaamaay, One who has conquered His desires
722.Jitaendritaay, One who has conquered his senses
723.Gaandhaaraay, The Lord is the musical note ‘Gaandhara’ (The third note of the 8 primary notes)
724.Suvaasaay, One who has a beautiful home
725.Tapahasaktaay, The Lord is firm in His tapas
726.Ratayae, The Lord is the form of cheerfulness and pleasure
727.Naraay, The Lord is infinite
728.Mahaageetaay, The one in whose honor the hymns are composed
729.Mahaanrutyaay, The Lord is the greatest dancer
730.Apsaroeganasaevitaay, The Lord is adored with devotion by the various groups of heavenly beauties
731.Mahaakaetavae, The Lord has the greatest banner (with the bull as an emblem)
732.Mahaadhaatavae, The Lord is the form of the greatest mountain Meru
733.Naikasaanucharaay, The Lord moves on the summits of the great mountain ‘Meru’
734.Chalaay, The Lord is constantly moving; hence it is difficult to catch You
735.Aavaedaneeyaay, The Lord can be explained by the Enlightened Ones to their disciples, but cannot be described in words
736.Aadaeshaay, The Lord is the form of instructions which the Guru imparts to the disciples
737.Sarvagandhasukhaavahaay, The Lord can perceive different fragrances at the same time
738.Toranaay, The Lord is the form of the gateway to higher planes (can include gates of cities and houses)
739.Taaranaay, The Lord is the boat to cross the ocean of life, OR The Lord is the form of the moat around the cities
740.Vaataay, The Lord is the wind
741.Paridhinae, The Lord is of the form of the high walls that surround the cities; the halo around Holy Ones
742.Patikhaecharaay, One who is the lord of all winged creatures; ‘khaechara’ means ability to fly
743.Samyogavardhanaay, The Lord multiplies, increases creation through the process of union
744.Gunaadhikavruddhaay, One who is advanced in virtues, knowledge, and wisdom
745.Adhiivruddhaay, The Lord is extremely superior in virtues, knowledge, and wisdom
746.Nityaatmasahaay, The Lord is eternal and unchanging and depends on none but Himself
747.Devaasurapatayae, One who is the Lord of the Devas and the Asuras
748.Patyae, The Lord is the master and protector of everything
749.Yuktaay, One who wears a coat of mail
750.Yuktabaahavae, The Lord has strong arms to crush the enemies
751.Divisuparvadaevaay, You are the object of adoration even by the great ones of heaven
752.Aashaadaay, The Lord is the one who grants power to uphold or bear
753.Sushaadaay, The Lord is the bearer of everything
754.Dhruvaay, One who is firm, unmoved, stable
755.Harinaay, The Lord is pure (free from any stains), OR fair in color
756.Haraay, The Lord carries a trident to destroy the sorrows of the devotee
757.Aavartamaanavapushae, The Lord gives the physical body to those who constantly revolove in the cycle of birth and death
758.Vasushraeshathaay, One who is more valuable than wealth
759.Mahaapathaay, The Lord is the greatest path to be followed
760.Vimarshashiroehaarinae, One who had torn the head of Brahmaa after great consideration
761.Sarvalakshanalakshitaay, The Lord has all the auspicious marks that are spoken of in the various sciences such as phrenology, palmistry, etc.
762.Aksharathayoginae, The Lord is the axle of the chariot; here the chariot is in reference to the body
763.Sarvayoginae, The Lord is all pervading self in everything as the Lord is joined to everything
764.Mahaabalay, The Lord has the greatest strength; the strongest of the strong
765.Samaamnaay, The Lord is the Vedas
766.Asamaamnaayaay, The Lord is the other scriptures – Puraanaas, Smritis, etc.
767.Teerthadaevaay, One who is the sacred power in every shrine
768.Mahaarathaay, One who has the earth as His chariot
769.Nirjeevaay, One who is the inert elements dwelling in all
770.Jeevanaay, One who imparts life to the inert elements
771.Mantraay, The Lord is the sacred chant ‘Pranav’ (OM)
772.Shubhaakshay, One whose gaze is calming, peaceful; the one with beautiful eyes
773.Bahukarkashaay, The Lord is extremely harsh (mercilessly destroys creation)
774.Ratnaprabhootaay, The Lord is the source of countless attributes and precious gems
775.Ratnaangaay, One whose body is covered with gems OR One whose body is red
776.Mahaarnavanipaanavidae, The Lord has the vast oceans for His drinking
777.Moolaay, The Lord is the cause, the root of the Universe
778.Trishoolaay, The Lord is exceedingly beautiful and surpasses all in His grandeur
779.Amrutaay, The Lord is the form of nectar
780.Vyaktaavyaktaay, The Lord is both the manifested and unmanifested form, OR the Lord is both the cause and the effect
781.Tapoenidhayae, The Lord has a treasure of austerities, the greatest Yogi
782.Aarohanaay, The Lord ascends to the highest state of existence
783.Adhirodhaay, The Lord is one who has attained the highest state of existence
784.Sheeladhaarinae, The Lord is famous for His purity of conduct, and observances
785.Mahaayashasae, The Lord’s fame is renowned
786.Saenaakalpaay, The Lord is the form of courage and strength of an army
787.Mahaakalpaay, The Lord is adorned with divine ornaments
788.Yogaay, The Lord is Yoga
789.Yugakaraay, The Lord in the creator of the Yugas or time periods, from whom eternal time flows
790.Harayae, One who takes away the trouble of His devotees OR One who conveys all creatures to a higher or lower plane
791.Yugaroopaay, The Lord is in the form of a mixture of sin and righteousness that takes place in the different time periods or yugaas
792.Mahaaroopaay, One who has the greatest form
793.Mahaagahanaay, The Lord destroyed the mighty demon of vast form that came to attack the city of ‘Varanasi’
794.Badhaay, The Lord is the form of death
795.Nyaayanirvapanaay, The Lord grants the fruits of the wishes according to their merits
796.Paadaay, The Lord is approachable
797.Panditaay, The Lord is the wisest and conversant with all topics which are beyond the senses
798.Achalopamaay, The Lord is the form of firmness as You are conversant with the ‘Tattwas’
799.Bahumaalaay, One who wears many garlands
800.Mahaamaalaay, One who wears the best garlands that stretch from the neck to the feet

Ninth 100 Names of Bhagwan Shiv

801.Shashiharasulochanaay, You are ‘Hara’ who has the moon as His beautiful eyes
802.Vistaaralavanakoopaay, The Lord is of an immense form, the form of the vast salt ocean
803.Triyugaay, The lord is the form of the first three eras (Yugas)
804.Safalodayaay, One whose appearance is always fruitful to others
805.Trinaetraay, The Lord has three eyes
806.Vishamaangaay, One whose forms are very subtle and (form the bases of the elements)
807.Manividdhaay, One who wears jeweled earrings
808.Jataadharaay, The Lord has matted hair
809.Bindavae, The Lord is the dot in the alphabet which represents the nasal sound
810.Visargaay, The Lord is the two dots in the alphabet which represents the aspirated ‘H’ sound
811.Sumukhaay, The Lord has a beautiful face
812.Sharaay, The Lord is the form of the shaft shot for the destruction of the enemy
813.Sarvaayudhaay, The Lord is the form of all the weapons
814.Sahaay, The Lord is most patient
815.Nivaedanaay, Onw ehose knowledge is derived when in deep meditation (Samaadhi), One who has Yoga knowledge
816.Sukhaajaataay, The Lord is the Truth as He is the unborn state