Why is content marketing important

The demand for videos is also increasing. Not only are large companies such as GE and John Deere are focusing on marketing with good content, but also an increasing number of small- and medium-sized businesses are exploring the possibilities of the Web for efficient content marketing. Today, communication channels are more diverse than ever, and the range of a publication is almost unlimited. In addition, it is cheaper than ever for companies to publish their own content. Many companies run their own blog, publish white papers, e-books and infographics, or produce videos to clarify their expertise. As varied as the forms of publication, there are also various types of content the companies publish: Online stores offer their target groups purchase advice, managers comment on current industry developments in the corporate blog and manufacturers use branded articles and e-books to give tips on the optimal application possibilities of their products.

Facebook is both a critical and versatile network. After all, there are 242 million monthly active users on this platform in North America alone, from Generation Z to Silver Surfers.

Almost all companies use Facebook to connect with their target groups. According to a Hootsuite survey of 9,000 B2B and B2C organizations, 97% said they use Facebook as their top platform. Where content is consumed depends on the age of the persona.

In the future, language searches could become a big topic. Basically, digital transmissions and multimedia content are becoming increasingly popular. Videos remain the # 1 most used content format. They also get the most attention, especially among younger users. Infographics are even more popular than pictures.