Why doesnt Walmart have greeters anymore


I don't think you read that reply properly from anonymous. He or she is not saying that we should shove the Christian religion down everyone's throats.

He or she is saying that when people come to the US they should not make demands such as we don't celebrate Christmas so we should not be subjected to Christmas music. That is what I got, and probably what people who read beyond a second grade reading level got as well. Greeters have been written up or warned about wishing Merry Christmas to non celebrators. About five or six years ago because of a few people complaining Walmart stopped playing Christmas music.

If the radio was simply broken than there would be no music playing. If you could read beyond a second grade level you would see this.

Again he or she is not suggesting that we shove the Christian religion down their throats, he is simply saying that these people should not force us to stop playing Christmas music. Reread the post several times so you understand it before replying.