Why does Thailand have so many ladyboys

(1) Plastics and (2) possibly Twins

Bisphenol A and other chemicals that come from plastics are causing it. Thailand is out of control when it comes to chemicals. Out here they pour hot soup into plastic bags endlessly. I would also connnect the Thailand's history of twins. Not sure why there are a lot of twins here but there are. I think that some of this homosexuality has to do with some type of male-female DNA issue. It's the twin that was never born in terms of body. The chemicals in plastics are know to affect males in terms of sexual organ size and potence. The chemicals act like female hormones and in females they cause girls as young as three to see some breast development.

I think the hormonal effect of the plastics is kicking the potential twin into one being. The males have strong female features and the females have strong male features. You see the ladyboys but I can assure you that there are plenty of butch females here who you would turn your head again at to see if they were male or female.

Something is going on here. Some of it may be natural but it seems that the modern chemical environment which we have created is leading to more noticable transgender individuals.

Here's one link from ABC news. Bispenol A has been banned in the US since this video I believe but there are still many other countries where it is not. Thailand is out of control in terms of environmental issues.



Source(s): In Thailand for 17 years. Pollution is out of control. The public are apathetic if not ignorant about it. It's a sad sad situation out here in Asia in terms of chemicals and pollutioning.