Why does Royal Brunei fly to London

We just flew with them because we got an incredibly cheap last-minute package - We had been turned away by MAS because our son didn't have a full six months on his passport.

As a budget airline, the provision of a meal, drinks, entertainment and legroom are great, but travellers should be warned about a few things:

No alcohol: That includes your duty-free. When you transit at Brunei you can't take it onto the next plane, even though it is sealed. I have heard people talk about taking their own alcohol on, but I'd be careful - the security guys at Brunei look like they'd love a chance to use their guns on an Orang Putih.

Delays: 3 out of our 4 flights were delayed - the first by 4.5h and we were never informed by Royal Brunei in any way. Their website pretended like it didn't happen and they did not contact anyone.

Aircraft: Things like the absence of reading lights, flickering cabin lights, defective and sticking doors show they are not big on maintenance, and one has to wonder how far this goes...

So make your choice - they are cheap and tend to have seats and if they addressed the reliability of their aircraft I would have no hesitation flying with them again when money and/or time are tight.

And if you are on the flight that doesn't make it beano, you won't whine then either!