Why do people like Ariana Grande

[credit]Angela Weiss/Getty Images[/credit]

There are so many reasons we’re obsessed with Ariana Grande. She’s so fantastic and lovable, it was near impossible to narrow it down to only 10 reasons. Check out the final list below!

10. She brings cupcakes to press events! Seriously! OK, obviously not EVERY event, but she did bring trays of glorious cupcakes to the Camp Ronald McDonald 19th Annual Halloween Carnival. At the event, she dressed up as a cute cupcake chef and served cupcakes to her fans and photographers. How sweet!

9. Her gorgeous red locks. Speaking of cupcakes, red velvet comes to mind when describing Ariana’s popping hair color. Her character on Victorious supposedly dyed her hair this color because red velvet cupcakes are her favorite food!

8. Cat Valentine, her character on Victorious. Always happy, hyper and dreamy, Cat always makes us smile. Her character is so uniquely random, you can’t help but love her.

7. Her style. Ariana always manages to look so glamorous. No matter what she’s wearing, she always pulls off an easy elegance. From head-turning mini dresses to regal rompers to her gorgeous, signature pumps, the girl is always chic.

6. Her music. She’s so passionate about her music, and it shows. From her originals like “Put Your Hearts Up” to her plethora of cover songs (she nails them EVERY time), Ariana’s amazing vocals and catchy beats will have you listening on repeat.

5. She is the QUEEN of impressions. Judy Garland, The Little Mermaid, a crying baby, pretty much any pop star or animal … you name it! Just do a quick YouTube search if you think you can handle her unbelievable impressions.

4. She loves her fans! (See #10 above.) She makes a point to try to read and reply to all her fan mail! And we’ve noticed that she ALWAYS loves making fans happy with an autograph, picture or hug.

3. She’s a crazy good dancer! If you’ve ever seen Ariana perform live (such as during her rendition of Rihanna‘s “Only Girl in the World”), you know that dancing is definitely one of her many talents.

2. She’s Italian. Che bella!

1. She loves the Harry Potter books!

And, our favorite reason: her personality! Ariana’s bubbly (side note: Her favorite word is “bubble!”), friendly and beautiful aura is so captivating, it makes everyone in a room want to start up a conversation with her.

What do YOU love best about Ariana? Do you have any memories with her to share? Tell us in the comments and on Twitter!