Why do leggings make my legs itch

Are there other clothes that cause problems for you? If not, chances are it's just the close-fitting nature of the tights reacting with your skin and the fine hairs on your legs.

The hairs on your legs will catch on the fabric of tights and leggings, and this will make you itch.

Even if your legs feel smooth, give them a shave the night before you're going to wear tights. Use a plain, unscented sorbolene cream on your legs after shaving or showering, so they aren't too dry - dryness will increase the problem.

Don't use soap in the shower; use the sorbolene again to wash with. You can buy unperfumed sorbolene bath foam from supermarkets. Don't use sponges or other things to wash with: just pump the cleanser onto your hands. You won't get the same feeling of friction, which gives the illusion of feeling clean, but you'll actually be much cleaner, since all shower sponges of all types are never completely clean after the first couple of uses.

Also use sorbolene cream on your legs a short while before putting on tights; this will also help.

It's possible the fabric finish in the tights isn't helping; wash them and let them air-dry completely as soon as you buy them, before you first wear them.

If the problem continues, becomes worse, or is really had at any stage, consider the possibility you're allergic to the lycra or other fabrics the tights are made from.