Why are garbage trucks so underpowered

Our front-loading garbage trucks are designed to raise large dumpsters over the top of the truck, and when it reaches the pinnacle, the dumpster is overturned so the refuse tumbles out into the hopper. The trash is then compacted, and pushed towards the the rear wall, allowing for a multitude of pick ups along the route. When the hopper is full of compacted trash, it is emptied into a landfill through an open tailgate. These front-loading garbage trucks are most suitable for commercial purposes, such as retail stores, restaurants, hotels, sports venues, apartment complexes, and office buildings. Our residential customers are more familiar with the rear-loading garbage trucks that rumbles through their neighborhoods twice weekly. Garbage bags and the contents of the trash cans are tossed into the rear of the truck as the trash collectors work their way throughout their route. Then there are our side-loading garbage trucks, where these trucks accommodate situations such as large apartment complexes and business parks with multiple buildings. The robotic arms of the side-loading garbage trucks are used to automatically lift and overturn the dumpsters into the truck’s hopper for compacting.

This is why adults think that garbage trucks are so cool!