Why are Argentine people so friendly

To add to what Jorge said... Argentina has an amazing culture, and the people are extremely welcoming and friendly. I will just talk about BUENOS AIRES, I don't know which part you will be living in. Family is really important, and it is common for the entire family to live together: grandparents, adult siblings, nieces, nephews etc. Looking good is also important so try not to leave the house with chipped nail polish and messy hair! People drink a lot of "mate" (pronounced mah-tay) which is a type of tea drunken out of a wooden or metal cup. Usually there is only one and everyone in the house shares it. If you visit someone, it will be passed around the table and everyone has a turn to drink. In the morning, people usually eat sweet pastries called "facturas". There is a lot of meat, but I am a vegetarian so I don't know much about it. The food made at home is very fatty! Even vegetables are drenched in oil.

The transportation system in BA is really good- buses run 24/7 and come frequently. Restaurants, theaters etc are open very late (sometimes all night). It is common to eat dinner at around 10 pm. Parties last till very late, even family parties, and it is normal to leave a "discoteca" at 7 am. There are millions of bars. Popular music is cumbia, Argentinian rock (ataque 77 is one pretty popular rock band), pop, techno, reggaeton. There isn't very much salsa as you might expect, hardly anyone knows how to dance it. However, you can often see people dancing tango in the street! The architecture is pretty modern.

Most people are catholic but there are also some other religions and people who are not religious at all. There isn't a very large variety of ethnicities either. Most people are from European decent. There is a lot of poverty in Buenos Aires. You will see a lot of homeless people on the streets, including children. Often children come into restaurants and hand out little cards or flowers. Then they come to each table and you can either keep what they gave you and give them some money or give them back whatever they gave you. There isn't much of a middle class. What they consider middle class we would consider to be not so well off and their well off is our middle class (kind of).

Many young people know English, but there are also many who do not speak any English at all. Very few older people know English.

The education system in Argentina is amazing, and university is free.

It is only slightly cheaper to live in Argentina than in U.S/Canada. Clothing is pretty expensive. Food is a bit cheaper but not as cheap as some other Latin American countries. Taking the bus is very cheap.

Oh and also, you should know the word "boludo" and "boluda". It kind of means a silly person but can be affectionate. Most friends call each other boludo. "Che boludo" is a common greeting to a close friend :) And greetings involve normally one kiss on the cheek, even if you are being introduced for the first time. If you try shaking someone's hand they will think you are crazy.

Source(s): Spending a lot of time in Argentina living with my boyfriend's family