Who is the boss in a bank

The National Commercial Bank (NCB) has engaged the services of Andrew Simpson as assistant general manager, corporate banking, as it seeks to achieve its mandate to be the premier bank in Jamaica and the Caribbean.

Simpson, who has been tasked with advancing NCB along this trajectory to becoming the relationship bank of the Caribbean, has spent 12 years in corporate banking - honing his skills at Citi Bank and at First Caribbean prior to joining the team at NCB.

"What NCB is providing is premium service through relationship banking. We are creating the climate to have the clients consider us as the first one to go to when that project is ready to be implemented and to be their trusted adviser," said Simpson.

The 34-year-old banker was among a team of NCB top managers attending the bank's annual sponsorship of the recent staging of the Monday Club in Montego Bay.

Simpson said NCB, which has always been a market leader, has also been both proactive and pre-emptive, suggesting and bringing financial solutions to the clients many times before they think of it.


Simpson indicated that over the past 12 months, NCB has become the primary bank for loan syndication by working in conjunction with other banks to create solutions for their clients.

"National Commercial Bank has, over the past year, focused on market arrangements by seeking to bring more robust solutions to its clients and creating good relationships with other banks and bringing in consolidated solutions as well," he said.

According to Simpson, NCB has created the climate to guide clients in dealing with transactions as comfortably as possible despite the obvious challenges associated with adherence to existing and emerging regulatory practices in the banking sector.

"Our clients are sophisticated enough to appreciate the new laws and how they function, and so it is not as difficult to work with them in arriving at solutions," Simpson said.

For him, the success of the corporate banking portfolio has hinged on providing excellent customer relations.

The career banker has taught economics and statistics at the University College of the Caribbean for four years and for a semester at the University of the West Indies.

A family man, Simpson is married to Anique and they have two children - Ana who is almost six-years-old and two-year-old Adam. He relaxes by spending down time at what he describes as his "general farm" in St Mary with his family.