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Fruit of the Loom Men's 6 Pack Heavy Duty Reinforced Cushion Full Crew Socks

by Fruit of the Loom

"Comfy Cushioning...But Not Suitable For Bigger Feet, And Some Irritation Over The Toes.." - by John Thomas (New England.....USA)

Buying socks for me, especially online, is always a gamble. I confess to being one of those people that shop for them in retail stores and tear open a package to see and feel a sample first. There has just been no better way invented yet to be assured of getting exactly what you want or expect. I took a chance on these socks for I am always sucked in by phrases such a heavy duty, deluxe, extra comfort, etc...These socks are a little better cushioned than your average pair of white socks. And the dark cushioned part covers the whole bottom of my foot perfectly. But I am still not crazy about them. For starters the calf portion of them is shorter than most socks I am used too. I put these along side a pair of other white socks I had and ... full review