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Loonie, a.k.a. Marlon Peroramas, is a Filipino rapper, emcee, songwriter and producer. He's also the lead vocalist for Stick Figgas. His other musical affiliations are with Barangay Tibay, Konektado, Ron Henley, and Artifice Records.

Reared on Hip Hop since childhood, Loonie began competing in rap battles before reaching high school. All accounts of his formative years indicate Loonie spent untold hours honing his caft and then competing in freestyle showdowns against aspiring rappers. His independently released debut The Ones Who Never Made It was acclaimed by fans and critics within the Filipino Hip Hop scene.

His second major release, the Ultrasound EP was recorded independently and released by MCA, ensuring his entrance into the mainstream.

Loonie is a rare example of a Filipino Hip Hop artist whose popularity is derived from social media and video sharing sites. From 2010-2012 his fan base grew organically as more and more videos of him participating in Fliptop rap battles circulated online.

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Loonie was born in Leyte and raised in Pasig City. His first exposure to Hip Hop was in elementary school, when he was probably 9 or 10 years old. At 16, however, his skill and confidence had grown to a point where he formed his own group, the Stickfiggas, whose lineup also included the rapper Ron Henley.

An alternate account shared by Loonie himself reveals he first showed an aptitude for reading at three years old. As an elementary student at Lourdes School of Mandaluyong Loonie was in Grade 3 when he was introduced to early 1990s Classic Hip Hop and Gangster Rap. Loonie's immersion in Hip Hop deepened once he entered High School and his favorite artists were Eminem and local rapper Gloc-9. By the time he started college, Loonie was very active in the local underground Hip Hop scene. This interfered with his studies and he switched schools, transferring from Mapua Makati to Phoenix One Knowledge Institute.

Stickfiggas performed in a televised competition Rappublic of the Philippines, a segment in the noontime variety show Eat Bulaga during the early 2000s. This is when Loonie came to the attention of the late Francis Magalona, who would become an inspiration and a mentor for Loonie.

After collaborating with various artists for the Rappublic of the Philippines Volume 1 and 2 compilation albums, Stickfiggas went to work on their debut Critical Condition with guest vocals by FrancisM on the track “Liham sa Pangulo.”

According to the band, then a quartet that included Loonie and the rapper Xplicit, their choice of album title was supposed to reflect the local Hip Hop scene's malaise.

Stickfiggas and Loonie spent the next several years participating and performing in the underground Hip Hop scene. This period of relative obscurity was very productive. By 2004 Loonie was regarded by his peers and fans alike as the Fliptop King and was even “crowned” Power Emcee 108 Battled Champion in the same year.

Several years after the release of Critical Condition, Stickfiggas later evolved into a full band whose lineup consisted of Tuts Calinawan, Nikki Cabarado, and Kat Alano. The band's name is alternately spelled as Stick Figgas.

Struggling in college as a working student, Loonie juggled his evening gigs with Stick Figgas and Francis M with employment in the call center industry. Loonie was on his own at this point—his parents had relocated to Cebu. To cut down on expenses, Loonie lived in Ron Henley's house for four years.

Loonie considers Francis Magalona's death in 2009 a personal tragedy and a major blow to the local Hip Hop scene.

In the meantime, mainstream success eluded him until the rise of social media. This cultural force allowed local Hip Hop communities throughout the Philippines to form a loose national audience fixated on the drama of Fliptop battles.

By Loonie's own recollection, however, the Fliptop movement didn't get started until 2010, when local rappers faced off against each other in front of a live audience.

More a raconteur than showman, Loonie's consistent track record as a major draw during rap battles established his reputation as an unbeatable lyricist and freestylist, a Hip Hop force to be reckoned with. Loonie's renown eventually got to the point where he received anonymous death threats on Facebook. This was a consequence of being so well-known: Any Fliptop rap battle featuring Loonie garners at least one million views on Youtube.

As a leading member of the Pasig City Hip Hop community, Loonie joined Artifice Records together with his peer and friendly rival, the rapper Abra. As an artist whose material is in strong demand, Loonie immediately started work on his first album just as his Fliptop reputation was soaring.

The independently released The Ones Who Never Made It served as a tribute to the Filipino Hip Hop scene at large. Recorded and mastered at the studios of Red Egg Records, The Ones Who Never Made It had multiple guest artists, includng the late Francis Magalona and Gloc-9 but was only sold at select outlets.

The Ones Who Never Made It was supposed to be released by 2009, but unforeseen circumstances delayed its schedule. The album was given away for free at a Makati launch party on August 13, 2010.

Despite its limited release, the Hip Hop community hailed The Ones Who Never Made It as a landmark album for the whole scene.

It wasn't until 2014, however, that Loonie's second release saw the light of day and became available to his fans.

Ultrasound was recorded and produced in Artifice Records' studio but released by MCA Music. Even if Ultrasound was just an EP, it was highly anticipated by Loonie's fans and the greater Hip Hop community.

The Ultrasound EP was supposed to pave the way for a full release at an unspecified date in the future. By December, 2013, it arrived in stores but the marketing and promotion was mostly done the following year.

Like his first release, Ultrasound was hailed as a classic of Filipino Hip Hop. But in reality Ultrasound was more of a compilation. Most of the tracks were previously released as singles or videos on social media. The songs were also collaborative, with Loonie sharing verses and choruses with DJ Buddah, Ron Henley, Kat Alano, Abra, Smugglaz, Kat Aggarado, and Hiphop 22.

A bonus track, “Ang Bagong Ako” was a single and music video with the Rock band Greyhoundz and Loonie is credited as a “featured” artist. It was released in 2013 via Youtube and marked a crossover experiment for Loonie, who had so far only collaborated with Hip Hop artists.

Since the release of his Ultrasound EP Stick Figgas lineup has changed. Aside from Loonie, vocals are shared between Ron henley and Kat Agarrado, Jops Jabol and JC Sebastian play guitars, Tuts Calinawan is on bass, Nikki Cabardo on keyboards and Bboy Garcia on drums.

On November 20, 2013, Loonie and fellow rapper Smugglaz with the band Stickfiggas performed ”Pilosopo” on camera for the third season of the Tower Sessions video series. This version of “Pilosopo” has so far garnered 2.7 million views on Youtube.

Loonie is widely recognized and acclaimed for his verses and wit. Either skill manifests in an uncany knack for stringing phrases and figures of speech together while telling a story or making a point.

His reputation as a freestyle lyrcist is further embellished by a large selection of videos taken during Fliptop rap battles. Loonie often thrives in these settings, making use of his colorful vocabulary and natural gift for wordplay to overcome his rival.

As a songwriter, Loonie's own compositions are remarkably introspective, dwelling on his life experiences and memories as well as his own feelings toward the Hip Hop scene. His most popular song, “Tao Lang,” is an example of this.

Another thread running though his music is a self-confessed inner struggle to stay true and honest about his motivations as a Hip Hop artist just when his fame is peaking.

Immersed in Hip Hop since childhood, Loonie credits Alanis Morisette as his biggest inspiration for becoming a songwriter. Loonie also cites his parents as an inspiration, claiming his brains or “smarts” came from his father and his “heart” came from his mother.

Awit Awards 2013

Winner Best Rap Song - Tao Lang

Urban Awards 2013

Winner Best Original Song - Tao Lang

Official Music Videos

The Ones Who Never Made It


Ultra Sound


From Saudi With Love


Tao Lang


Ultra Sound

Pakipot - All For Patricia

Cerberus - Abra

Ang Bagong Ako - Greyhoundz














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Loonie Album and Songlist

Critical Condition (2007)

1. Headline

2. Kritikal

3. Nandito Lang Ako

4. Libre Ang Mangarap

5. Kaya N'yo Ba 2? feat. Gloc-9

6. Emcee Audition

7. Pasingit Naman

8. Liham Sa Pangulo feat. Francis M

9. Dukha

10. Ganado Parin

11. 4warded

12. Suicide Note

13. Ikaw Nga

14. Di Mo 'Ko Kilala feat. Basillyo

15. Ayoko Na

16. Huling Halakhak feat Mykl Syco

17. Flatline

The Ones Who Never Made It (2011)

1. Intro

2. Walang Babala

3. L.O.O.N.I.E.

4. Irate Pinay

5. The Bobo Song

6. Irate Pinay Returns

7. All Rights Reserved

8. F With This G

9. XXX

10. Sinungaling

11. Emcee Battle

12. Quinta

13. Ego Death

14. 3 Blind Mics

15. RIP Badang

16. Isang Bara Ka Lang

17. Hit You Where It Hurts

19. Dito Sa Maynila

20. Under My Skin

21. The F Word

22. The Final Word

1.Ultrasound feat. DJ Buddah

2.Bago ang Lahat feat. Ron Henley and Kat Alano

3.Tao Lang feat. Quest

4.Pilosopo feat. Smugglaz

5.Tanyag feat. Abra and Syke

6.Abante feat. Kat Agarrado

7.Isang Jeep feat. Hiphop 22

Bonus tracks:

8.Ang Bagong Ako feat. Greyhoundz

9.From Saudi With Love feat. Ka Antonio

Rappublic of the Philippines: Volume One (2002)

Rappublic of the Philippines: Volume One (2002)

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