Whats your favorite thing about hail

I love the Catholic church! I am a cradle Catholic... So, going to church is like coming home! It's familiar and comforting to hear familiar prayers and songs no matter where I travel... I enjoy the traditions and rituals! It is very reverent and holy to have something/be a part of something so ancient! The Catholic church is the oldest Christian religion! Wouldn't anyone want to be a part of the Original Christian religion and not a branch of Christianity? It must have been truly great to hear the Catholic service in the old days in Latin!

I love the holidays! I love All Saint's day! It's very important to me! I love the Saints! My favorite Saint is St. Agnes! She is very popular! I even recently found out that she has a foster sister named Saint Emerentiana! It's a rarely heard of Saint! They were both Martyrs!

The thing that I enjoy most was going to RCIA classes with my husband (before we were married) as he studied the Catholic faith! We studied together! I was already confirmed Catholic, but I learned so much! That was a very bonding time for both of us! I felt very close to our Priest too! He would let us speak to him one on one! We could ask questions about our faith and other faiths... We could ask the really difficult questions that we face today in our society about abortion, politics, stem cell research, gay marriage, women "Priests"... etc. etc...

One interesting thing that I learned from those classes:

Do you know that Protestants have removed part of their Bibles? It states In Deuteronomy 4:2 not to add to or remove Bible scripture from the Bible!

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