What would I find fascinating about you

He is scary and fascinating at the same time.

This stuff is fascinating at every level of abstraction.

They've been enticing not to mention fascinating at the big eyes.

One of those jobs, in fact, that soundfascinating atdinner parties and school events.

And sure, they turn into kids, but I find it fascinating at how they learn and what they learn.

It's pure, unadulterated community audio and fascinating at its source--mainly through smartphone apps.

I found it to be fascinating at the same time a bit confounding as is to be expected with philosophical concepts.

Watching developments in Britain is like watching a trainwreck in slow motion - horrible and fascinating at the same time.

Maasai culture may appear intricate to those who don't understand it, which is most of us but very fascinating at the same time.

It was horrifying and fascinating at the same time, primitive yet reverent, painful to watch but impossible to turn my eyes away from.