What was wrong with your first car

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Instead of giving a long introduction to this piece, let’s get straight to it.
I asked for the story behind some readers first car and here’s what they had to say:

Tom S
Mine was a tank of a car, the 1992 Nissan Stanza, one of the last in the Nissan line to keep the steel chassis though I might be wrong on that. This car survived being the family car for over a decade before falling into my grubby little hands. It lasted me through most of university before finally giving up the ghost and fading away into some junkyard somewhere. It had a slight pull to the left, it guzzled gas and the power windows didn’t always work, but man, that car was great.

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Rebecca R

My first taste of freedom. Big blue.

Until I turned 16, we were a one car family. My mom could walk to the school she taught at, and my dad worked less than 5km from home. For most of the time I could remember, that car was Blue.
Blue was a 1998 Ford Taurus Wagon. In metallic baby blue. She was a demo model from the dealership that the owners wife had been driving and they needed to unload. Pretty sure my parents got a hell of a deal on it, but since I was not old enough to drive it at the time don’t really remember or didn’t care.

So in her first couple years blue had like 5000km a year put on her. The occasional family road trip and driving me to horse shows were her longest adventures. Otherwise she was locally driven. Then my last year of high school my parents elected not to pay for the bus any more and let me take blue every day. FREEDOM.

This beauty could hold 8 people with seat belts. Was a very popular choice for lunch time tim Horton runs. The fold out trunk seats where you could wave at cars behind you were the most coveted. She made countless trips to the movies, mall, restaurants with me and a small army packed inside. While she still belonged to my parents (by this point they had bought a second car) I never truly gave her back.

While she wasn’t the flashiest car ever, she was a pretty great first car. She had that old 3L Taurus engine so she was a bit of a beast. She was heavy as fuck, as well as being wide and low, so outstanding in the winter. Spun her out once in Guelph, mostly because they own 1 snow plow. That’s it. Can’t think of a better car to learn to drive Canadian winters in. Except maybe an actual snow plow.

I have no idea what the cargo volume of the car was, other than huge. I moved to and from university in it, every year. We drove a couch to my off campus house hanging out the back. The largest Christmas tree you can imagine fit in the back with ease. She was worth her very heavy weight in gold.

Cosmetically she took her fair share (and then some) of punches. My mom parked poorly in an underground parking garage and dragged the left side of the car down a concrete pillar. My dad backed her into a fire hydrant. Some girl got mad at me over prom planning and ripped the driver’s side mirror off and left it dangling. Through it all, blue kept on trucking.

We scrapped the car after my dad died with 174k Kms on her. My mom was still driving her to the grocery store, etc but she was starting to show her age. We also did not need 3 cars for 2 humans and for a couple months my mom drove my dads manual transmission CTS before replacing it with something more practical. You want to talk about a car that shouldn’t be manual… But I digress.

Blue was an important part of my teenage years. If Ford actually executed a decent job of a similar station wagon in this time, we might actually own it… Until then, Fiona the fusion stays in the driveway.

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Kim S
My first car was a 1989 Ford Festiva. It was white with a red racing stripe. My grandma “sold it” to my dad for $1 and my dad took a greyhound bus to where she lived in Georgia to go pick it up and drive it back. I loved that little car so much. I onlystopped driving it when my parents offered to go halfsies on a newer safer car when I graduated from college because they didn’t want me driving a deathtrap anymore. I loved that car so much I even belonged to a Ford Festiva club.


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Karin G
1971 Volvo 142E was my Autobody project in highschool body work and paint. It had leather interior 4 speed manual with overdrive on the column and a thermometer style speedo. It had a FM blaupunkt radio I was cruising in style.

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Michael A
1966 Barracuda Fastback with a 273-Commando engine. I LOVED that car, but had to sell it to go to college. When I became ill, i was immediately banned from driving, so it was my only car, but we put that sucker on the road for a few years, and it turned heads!!

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John L
My 2008 green 2-door Hyundai Accent. Never had a hand-me-down — just drove my parents’ cars before that. It was a fine, fine workhorse. I thought I was so unique with the green model, until I drove off the lot and started seeing green 2008 Accents at every stoplight.

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Kat M
My first car was a 1990 Chevrolet Cavalier. I got it as a hand me down from my grandparents. It was dark blue and I decco’d the eff out of the body. SexWax Stickers, I can’t remember what else but the back bumper was covered. I truly loved it becauseit was my first. It was good on gas and had enough pep to get me around.  The only thing weird about it was the seatbelt situation.


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Doug P
The sexiest of vehicles, a puke brown 2003 Pontiac Montana. First car bought outright, from the father of an ex-gf who used to run a used car dealership out by Pacific Mall. I don’t have a pic of the exact one, as I sold it on the now-defunct FacebookMarketplace. I purchased it to be used as a delivery van for the business which had started expanding at the time (circa 2006-07). It also doubled as transport for my friends, as most did not have cars at the time. So during the day the seats would come out, at night, they would go back in – I was in pretty good shape then. Although there were numerous occassions that the seats were not put back in, and rides were requested. So as any smart and safe 20 year old would do, they all just piled into the back and sat on the floor, some clutching the seat belts as if that would’ve helped in the event of a collision. Another version was to only put in the rear bench, and have maximum leg room – “BangBus style” as one might call it. We’ve definitely went on a Beer store run at 9:30pm in a not great part of town, with about 10 people in the back, piling out upon arrival like a clown car, with some sitting on beer cases on the way back. A year before it was sold, I had started using it for “advertising”, and by that, I mean I wrote company website on the back window using the yellow marker car dealers use to write prices on windows. It was pretty poor. The guy who bought it from me (circa 2010) requested me to remove it, I said that I wanted the free advertising, so he could take it off himself if he wanted. He chuckled and agreed. A couple days later, I noticed it driving around, still with the yellow website on the rear glass. Fond memories


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