What makes Bare Minerals makeup non comedogenic

Non-Comedogenic Makeup

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You may have seen the term, non-comedogenic, on the front of skincare and makeup labels. This word simply means that the ingredients in that particular product are proven to not block pores. Anyone who suffers from acne should only use products that are non-comedogenic in addition to being oil-free and paraben-free. Believe it or not, there are still makeup lines out there that contain ingredients that can clog your pores so read all labels carefully!

What Type of Non-Comedogenic Makeup is Best?

The best foundation that is non-comedogenic is mineral powder though there are liquid foundations and pressed powders that are non-comedogenic as well. Mineral powders have been amazing for many people that suffer from acne but need makeup to conceal their problematic and visible trouble areas.  Be cautious when choosing a mineral powder because many mineral lines put heavy fillers in their powders. A popular filler that is added to many mineral powders is Bismuth Oxychloride which gives mineral powder its soft finish and helps it last on the skin longer but can highly aggravate the skin, causing itchiness, inflamed skin, and additional breakouts. It also has a shimmer to it and gets trapped in your pores, causing pores to look larger. Believe it or not, Bare Minerals adds Bismuth Oxychloride to their powders so READ LABELS CAREFULLY and only choose a mineral powder free of this heavy filler.

What Ingredients to Look  For

There are many positive ingredients to look for when choosing a mineral powder or other type of foundation that will work to heal your skin and not cause further irritation. Listed below are some ingredients that will benefit you:

1. Jojoba Seed Oil – It is nourishing and won’t clog your pores

2.Tea Tree Oil – It will fight acne due to its antibacterial properties and keep your skin’s pH level’s balanced (Good oil!)

3. Aloe Vera Extract – It is wonderful due to its anti-inflammatory properties and moisturizing benefits

4. Chamomile Flower Extract – It has anti-inflammatory properties and packed with antioxidants to nourish your skin, making it appear smoother and softer

5. Bentonite – An amazing clay that gently lifts impurities and residue from your skin (Tarte Cosmetics has at least one product that contains bentonite!)

6. Witch Hazel Extract – It’s considered a natural astringent that will balance the moisture and oil in your skin


In addition to choosing makeup that is free of bad oils and is also paraben-free and non-comedogenic, there are a few more tips to help your skin look and feel its best.

1.Clean your makeup brushes every week or two with a gentle shampoo and conditioner to keep your brushes free of germs and bacteria while keeping them soft as well. Brittle brushes can irritate your skin!

2. Throw out any old makeup that is older than 8 months old. When it comes to makeup, if you haven’t worn it in a while, imagine the bacteria and oils that are festering inside the containers! Gross. Start fresh and utilize only paraben-free makeup which is free of harsh chemicals and pesticides.

3. Don’t fall asleep with your makeup on! Cleanse your face every morning and night and follow with an oil-free moisturizer. Your skin restores itself while you sleep so allow it to do so by washing off all bacteria, germs, oil, and debris!

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