What legal tricks are played by lawyers

Take A Sabbatical From Work

If you are a working woman, your husband is not bound to give your alimony. But if you take a sabbatical from work stating health reasons, he will have to shell out alimony at least for sometime.

Payback Time

If you think that your husband is planning a divorce behind your back then you can make him pay big time. Spend wildly on his credit card to teach him a lesson.

Start Saving For Rainy Day

When you realise that things are not working out, the best way is to start saving. Stop contributing for the household. Save your money in a separate bank account. If possible fix your savings in a different account under your kid's name.

Sell Off Assets Before Hand

Before you file for divorce, sell off assets that could be used against you. For example, if the car is in your name, you have the legal right to sell it even if your husband paid for it. Sell off assets and stock up the cash for a rainy day.

Keep Copies Of Bank Statements

When you are living together, it is not very difficult to get your hands on his financial documents. All the credit card bills, bank statements and insurance papers must be photo-copied and kept for later reference.

Move To Another Country

If you feel that your country or state's laws are not favourable to your cause, then you can always move to a different country on the pretext of a new job. After completing the move, file for divorce.

Send Child To Activities

Child support is usually paid by the father. Send your kid to all possible activities like ballet, sports, swimming etc and state that has a cause to increase child support. Even if your kid does not attend all the activities, you will get the money.

Use Common Friends As Spies

Common friends are priceless in a divorce battle. You can use them to spy on your spouse provided they are sympathetic to your cause.

Damage Property

If your spouse has really pissed you off, you can try an illegal but effective way out. Damage his car in the middle of the night or drown his new tablet in a bucket of water! It won't give you any financial gain, but your spite will be subdued.

Buy Assets Under Different Names

Anything that you own will be dragged into court during the divorce proceedings. So if you want to invest your money safely, buy property in your parent's name. That way, your spouse will have no say in the matter.