What kinds of hats do you have

Do You Wear Hats? What Kinds?

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I wear hats in the summer, pretty much anytime I am outside for any period of time. I have thin hair and if my scalp gets sunburned, YOWEE! Of course, in Florida, that applies to winter, too.
My hair has thinned a lot over the years, it used to be very thick. Sunburn can be very painful yes!
I grew up wearing hats. A hat was part of the school uniform, a straw one for summer, a felt one for winter...Sunday best was a little matching hat and coat. Funnily enough, I don't remember my mother wearing a hat, but she enjoyed dressing up her little girl in outfits which included one. Now I feel naked if I go out without one.
I wear various hats depending on the season, and my activities. If I'm taking a walk or playing golf I'll wear a visor. If I'm working in the yard, it's a sunhat. We have a pontoon boat and if we're out on that I have a boating hat with strings to tie under my chin. I used to have a really cool wool hat that looked like a man's fedora that I wore in the winter but I don't know where it went to.
I look weird in hats so I never wear them. The one exception is when we are out on our boat-then it is a ballcap with bling on it. That is only to keep my scalp from burning.
I keep a red ball cap that is a souvenir from Mexico in the car to wear when the top is down. I have a navy blue one at home with the name of the ship that I served on. There are a few others that I haven't worn in years.
I wear baseball caps during the year except for winter
In winter,I have a couple fleece hats which cover my entire face except for eyes/nose,keeps my face warm from the bone chilling cold/wind
I used to wear a hat like the one JimW posted I called it my'Elmer Fudd' hat because it was red plaid like he wore
I wear a Cubbie hat ( go Cubs), I paid $29.95 plus shipping. I later found one for $6.99 at a flea market (brand new), so now I have two. One is the real deal and the other was a good deal.
If I'm working outside or walking the dogs and it's raining I'll wear a ball cap.

If it's it's cold out and I'm working outside or walking the dogs I'll wear a knit hat that I can pull over my ears.

If I'm going somewhere nice and it's raining or snowing I'll wear a Scali Cap. I have a light cap for warmer weather and a heavier wool cap for winter time.

When it's so cold my eyebrows freeze I go with one of these!

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I hate wearing any kinds of hats, but like you Jim, if I'm out with the dog and it's raining or threatening rain, I'll wear a ball cap to keep the rain off my face. If I'm out camping and taking long hikes in the sun, I'll also wear it. I wear a wool knit hat on cold winter days, usually just a black or gray one, nothing fancy.

We have one of those hats similar to the one in the photo, left by my father-in-law. It's around somewhere but we never really wear it. We both have super warm winter parkas for snow blizzard conditions with hoods that are warm and protect the face too.