What is your first impression of Bihar

During the past week my life has transformed before my eyes. Within a time span of a week I feel like I have learned more than I ever have at UT Austin. Every single day feels like a week and each moment seems like a day. Each day I wake up and a new opportunity is waiting for me to experience. Yet, my first few days in China was much different. When I got off the airplane my first impression of China was the smell of dirty carpet. From then on I began to judge everything I saw. The airport was hot, sticky and over-crowded. The line for customs took at least thirty minutes and the other passengers were pushy in baggage claim. It seemed like our bus ride to Beijing Foreign Studies University took forever, the trees sagged with pollution, and the people were chaotic. Once our bus finally made it to campus, I thought I had made the worst decision of my life. After the third day I just wanted to go home. Sleeping only 4 hours each night, changing my diet, and routine left me exhausted.

On the fourth day I slept over 12 hours and I awoke with completely different view of China. I began to notice my surroundings with acceptance rather than ignorance of others. Every perception I thought I had of the Chinese shifted. I noticed people truly interacted with each other, rather than sitting on Facebook or Instagram. Generations of Chinese parents or grandparents cared for their children, not ignoring them to play on their cell phones or talk to their friends. Students spoke to each other and left their headphones out. Everyone seemed to spend less time in his or her cars by just walking, biking or riding on a scooter. Chinese people tried their hardest to understand foreigners and did all they could to cater to customers. Overall, I have received such a honest and loving welcome I did not see on the first few days. I cannot wait for the next week and what life will hold for me.