What is the correct response to Vanakkam

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Well!!!!!!! Both are in a pitiable state as THEY LACK POTENTIAL NATIONAL LEVEL LEADERS WHO KNOW TAMIL...... Earlier, Congress was strong in TN when it had a great leader named Kamaraj. Similarly, BJP tried to evolve few years back, when they got a leader "Rangarajan Kumaramangalam" Inspite of opposition, they could make a set of people for them. {When Kumaramangalam contested at Trichy, inspite of him belonging to BJP, people from all religions voted for him... The reason behind was the welfare measures he took for the benefit of public. Whatever Trichy has now- all bridges and basic amenities, they were achieved during his reign. Neither his predecessors- L. Adaikalaraj as well as his successors- Dalit Ezhimalai (ADMK) and L. Ganesan (MDMK) DID ANYTHING FOR the constituency. Adaikalaraj was known to open his mouth in Parliament very widely - for yaawing!! Dalit Exhimalai and L. Ganesan never came to the constituency after winning!!! But, Rangarajan ... He made Trichy what is it now!!