What is mandalic geometry

I believe that creative artistic energy is inseparable from the sexual energy that powers the continued thriving and continuation of live.  Artistic creativity is a manifestation of our life force / sexual energies.  Sexual energy that is consciously channelled between two attracted individuals, we call ‘supra sexual’.  In this way we can dive into and mine the primal forces of sexual attraction and direct them to all sorts of splendid co-creations.

My partner Ani and I presiding over the unveiling of a city wide project that seeded together.

The mix of energies that we all know as passion, love, and desire are the most powerful in our lives.  These energies bring us together into romances, trysts, marriages, partnerships, creating homes and families.  To the degree that there is sexual attraction between two people, the co-creative energies are more powerful.  As countless poets have attested to, for love humans have moved mountains, travelled great distances, and started wars.

The greatest collective human co-creation is undoubtedly our population of eight billion of us now shaping and affecting the planet.

However, just because we have put our sexual/creative energies together for procreation for the last millennia, doesn’t mean we have to now.

In her book Conscious Evolution, Barbara Marx Hubbard argues that it is time to shift the application of sexual/creative energies from procreation to co-creation.  She coins the term ‘supra sexual co-creativity’ which she goes on to describe :

As we become co-creative person, our intimate relationships change.  We are no longer primarily the procreative couple.  Men and women join now, not only to have a child, but also to help give birth to each other, to support each other in full self-expression.  As the old family structure breaks up, the new co-creative family emerges, based not only on the joining of our genes to have a child, but also on the joining of our genius, to give rise to our full, creative selves

The genius that Hubbard refers to are the deep seeded desires that make use the unique humans that we are– the primal urges, the subtle dispositions, the fears, the loves, the shadows and the lights of our soul.  As we go about our lives, these all manifest themselves in an unseen web of our choices and decisions and relationships, radiating outward from the individual as they manifest their reality, and create their world over time.  For the most part, the creation and awareness of this web is unconscious. The making of a personal mandala, as we have seen, is a useful way to glimpse it.

As we have also seen, mandalas are fundamentally a means of channelling creative expression that can hold and amplify and intention.

When two or more individuals are involved in the inception of a mandala’s intention, there is the potential to harness these supra-sexual energies.  This is particularly the case when two individuals sharing affection, attraction, and/or love, come together.  To the extent that they can rise above the subconscious primal pull of their attraction, and guide it consciously, therein lies tremendous co-creative potential.  The process of making a partner mandala is useful in gaining perspective over the subconscious the attraction and personality dynamics at play.

With an awareness of the principles and potential of applied CMM, we take supra sexual perspective and consciousness co-creation to a whole new level.   The web that is woven between two individuals can massively magnify its potency and coherence.

“Someday, after mastering the winds, the waves, the tides and gravity, we shall harness for God the energies of love, and then, for a second time in the history of the world, man will have discovered fire.”

– Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

The steps in applying CMM to a cocreative relationship are identical to that of seeding and presiding over a mandala.  However, key is that each party shares an equal role presiding over the co-creation.