What is a gravity knife

◆ After the German gravity knife became popular, a British version of the gravity knife was produced by George Ibberson & Co. of Sheffield, England. It was produced for Special Operation Executive and used as a secondary combat weapon. These knives were identical with the German knives, with only difference being that of smooth wooden handles or plastic handles.

◆ Switchblades are commonly mistaken as gravity knives. As opposed to the gravity knives, switchblades are automatic. In these types of knives, the blade is contained in the handle, which opens with the help of a spring after a button is pushed.

◆ Though the butterfly knife comes closer to the gravity knife, there is a difference. The butterfly knife relies on hand movements rather than the gravitational force. In this pocket knife, the handle is divided into two parts, which can be flipped open like the butterfly’s wings. Opening the handle by moving the two parts away from each other reveals the knife within.

◆ Other knives similar to the gravity knives are OTF knives, penny knives, etc.