What does setting spray actually do

You've probs seen them in the aisles of Boots and at the end of your favourite YouTubers' makeup tutorials, but what's the deal with makeup setting sprays? Do they actually work? We decided it was time to put an end to the makeup myths and put 12 face fixing mists to the test...

What is a makeup setting spray?

Setting sprays are the glue that hold our makeup together. They might seem like a gimmick, but ask any beauty buff to list off their top five prods and we'd bet a tenner Urban Decay's setting spray makes the cut. So what's the deal, why are they so special and do they really work!?

We get that they sound slightly too good to be true, like, how can this liquid possibly possess the magical powers to keep your base on till the early hours of the morn? Like with skincare: the secret is in the ingredients. Most setting sprays contain alcohol, which, while effective at keeping everything in place, can be drying and even irritating for more sensitive skin types. If your complexion is easily irritated opt for a water based formula, like Laura Geller's Spackle Mist.

Are there setting sprays for different skin types?

You'll be pleased to know you can choose a spray specifically catering to your complexions needs. For example, Cover FX's Mattifying Setting Spray is great for oilier skin types, while the Illuminating Setting Spray is (hint in the name) for those wanting to boost their glow. There are also soothing sprays infused with hydrating and calming ingredients, like MAC's Prep + Prime.

The setting spray that does the most: Urban Decay's face preserving formula All Nighter, has been handed the top spot for its incredible staying power skillz. One spritz and you're set for a full 16-hours come rain or shine. Plus, you don't need a lot to save face.

How should you use it to get the best results?

Make up artists recommend spraying over your skin post makeup application. If you're looking for a super sturdy base, say for a big night or even a wedding, a pump between each makeup step is the key to really locking it in. Simples.

So, which one is worth your hard earned cash? We've reviewed 12 over an 8 hour workday - and as we all know the proof lies in the before and after pics - so we each took a snap of our faces first thing in the morning AND at the end of the day - so you can see which makeup setters really performed (and which ones didn't)...

Thanks to King Of The Booth