What does salut ca va mean


hwot, interrog. pron. applied both to persons and things—also used elliptically and as an interjection: (Shak.) used to express a summons, or as a mere expletive.—interrog. adj. of what sort, how much, how great—also used in an intensive manner.—rel. pron. that which, such ... as: (Shak.) any, who, which.—indef. pron. something: (Spens.) a portion, bit.—adv. (obs.) why? to what degree?—conj. so much as: that, as in but what, that ... not.—ns.What′abouts, the things one is occupied about; What′-d'ye-call (-it, -'em), a word substituted for the name of a thing (or person) because of forgetfulness, or in contempt.—adjs.What′en, What′ten (Scot.), what kind of.—prons.Whatev′er, Whate'er′, anything which: (coll.) what?—adj. any or all that, no matter what.—adjs.What′-like (coll.), of what kind; What′na (Scot.), same as Whaten.—pron.What′not, whatever or whoever.—adj.What′so, of whatever kind.—pron. whosoever.—adjs.Whatsoev′er, Whatsoe'er′, of whatever kind; Whatsomev′er (coll.), whatsoever.—What an if (Shak.), what of; What else, could anything else be the case? What ... for (Shak.), what kind of; What ho! a loud summons; What if, what would happen if? What not, elliptical for 'what may I not say?' implying the presence or existence of many other things; What of, what comes of? what do you think of? What's what, the real or genuine thing; What though, what matters it though, notwithstanding; What time, at the very time when; What with, by reason of. [A.S. hwæt, neut. of hwa, who; Ger. was, L. quid.]