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MPSC Exam: Five Mistakes You Need to Avoid to Be Successful

When the stakes are high, one of the keys to success is limiting the errors. This philosophy applies to every one of our endeavors and from the MPSC (Maharashtra Public Service Commission) exam’s viewpoint also, strive to avoid making mistakes during preparation, primarily, and also on the exam day.

This article tells you the mistakes you must avoid if you want to achieve what you have set out to.

Let us get started!

1) Awareness:

When you start preparing for an exam as MPSC, you have to be aware of the exam pattern and also understand the subjects which you have to cover during exam preparation. This way, you can ensure that you have covered all the bases before the exam day and, again, give yourself a good chance of being successful. Failing to do even one of the abovementioned aspects can prove costly.

2) Be Organized:

Firstly, make sure you understand the syllabus that needs to be covered and then, start preparing instead of collecting yesteryears’ question papers and trying to figure out how much you already know. You can always refer previous years’ question papers during your preparation, but you are unlikely to gain anything if you refer to question papers alone or do so without covering the syllabus you have to.

3) Write Tests:

Like the previous facet, if you dedicate all your time to studying alone and do not write tests, you cannot call yours as an ideal preparation. Instead, learning coupled with writing mock tests is.

4) Gather Insights:

For first-timers in particular, guidance from people who have been successful or have the nous of what it takes to be successful, is necessary. Talking with them can fill you with confidence and help you understand the challenges that you could face during preparation and in the exam.

5) Concentrate on the Fundamentals, too:

Reading newspapers and listening to news and thereby staying updated with the current happenings, are an essential part of your MPSC exam preparation. Because, in the MPSC exam, you will have questions based on the events taking place in and outside the country and one of the ways to stay informed is through the dailies and listening to the news on a daily basis, ideally.

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