What are modern examples of propaganda

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Now, the Kremlin officially denies all knowledge that the Internet Research Agency even exists, but if they're not tied to the government, they're nevertheless run by someone who has a seriously rigid hard-on for official Russian foreign relations and government policy. Their employees, paid in cash, mostly comment on Russian-language websites, but the best bonuses go to those who can string together enough words of English to bombard Western websites with pro-Putin comments.

The Guardian suspected something was up back in 2014, while reporting on the Russia/Ukraine armed conflict, noting a suspicious flood of pro-Kremlin posters in their own comment section who claimed to be as British as pig's blood pudding but nevertheless mangled the English language like Ivan Drago in a full-body cast.

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And then in 2015, after Russian Opposition Leader Boris Nemtsov was assassinated in the street by, like, probably some random person who discharged his gun accidentally so we don't need an investigation or anything, a whistleblower reported that she was tasked with flooding comment sections and social media with suggestions that there was nothing suspicious about Nemtsov's death, and that it was for the best in any case, and let's face it, he probably tripped and fell on those bullets.

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