What are good guitar finger picks

Huge Tone
No More Broken Nails

Tiptonic Finger Picks define a whole new category of guitar pick technology somewhere between artificial nails and conventional finger picks. They wrap around and solidly lock to your real nails—yet are fully removable and reusable. Available in literally hundreds of sizes and complete with a simple sizing tool, we are confident that you will find a set of Tiptonic Finger Picks that perfectly fit on your nails.

You don’t have to fuss over your nails or get manicures every 2 weeks to sound like the pros. Tiptonic Finger Picks are great for guitar lessons making it much easier for guitar students to learn how to fingerpick. Intermediate players discover huge tone and articulation as well as increased volume, Advanced players prevent nail breakage and develop whole new techniques and levels of expression.

Tiptonic Finger Picks feel as natural as real nails, yet these fingerstyle finger picks are specially designed for plucking, picking, snapping, strumming, and shredding on the strings of a guitar—or any other stringed instrument. And when you are done playing, you just pop them right off. It almost feels magical.

Tiptonic Finger Picks are currently available in opaque white only.