What are anti British sentiments

With the possible exception of the Americans, I would say the UK is the most disliked country in the world, and easily the most disliked country in Europe by a country mile. Eurovision proves that if it proves anything.

I never understood why though. Ok, we had an empire, but then again, so did France, Spain, Germany, Japan, China, Russia, etc, etc, and today those countries are not subjected to the same level of insults and critisizm as the English are.

Also, it's only the English. Everyone loves the Celts, particularly the Scottish and the Irish. It's often said that if an Irishman walks into a bar in Spain, often they will act surly assuming they're English, and then when they realise they're Irish suddenly become friendly and talkative and say something like "I'm glad you're not English, we hate the English here". I suspect that sort of attitude is fairly rare, but I don't doubt it happens from time to time.

What is it? Jealousy? Bitterness? Or just a general dislike of English culture?