Was life simpler for the previous generation

  • It's a matter of point of view

    What do you think is harder :
    - Being crammed with schoolwork, Having the world's social and peer pressure upon you, Constantly being targeted by social media and the likes, And suffering depression from all of that


    - Manual work 7 days per week, All day, Being worried about your next meal, Being deprived of internet, No thermostat to control house temperature, No manufactured products, Having the same amount of homework if you were pursuing education, Just without internet research, No social security, No easy entertainment, And not being depressed because there is no time to be depressed, Since if we did fall into depression we would die of hunger

    I think my choice is pretty clear on this matter

    Also the way higher suicide rates are a proof that teenagers nowadays have it so easy that they are defenseless against even something so weak as social pressure, So much so that they would harm themselves over something so pointless. And this weakness originates from the lack of pressure, The lack of hardship upon them. Have you ever heard about someone killing themselves, When just before, They were a hardworking citizen?

  • Live is now easier

    People keep mentioning that social media makes life difficult for teenagers. I'm 15 and I believe that technology only makes life difficult if you choose the wrong thing. Yes, Social media can lead to suicide, Catfishing etc etc but if we educate children the consequences of this they won't get themselves in this situation

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  • Life is Hard

    Life is hard. It always has been. It will continue to be. But "hard" doesn't mean "harder. " There are many aspects of adolescent life today that create challenges for teens. But past generations had different challenges--some more difficult, Some less. It's hard, For sure, But not HARDER than past generations.

  • Of course not

    Back then in the industrial revolution, If you were at the ripe age of 10, You would be sent to either the textile factories to get scarlet fever, Or go to the mines and get black lung. The standards of living have greatly increased. It's ridiculous to even consider that teenagers have it worse nowadays.

  • Life was not easy when my dad was a teenager.

    I get that exams were hard but do you ever have to work on a farm everyday all day? I bet not. My dad was beat if he didn't do his job correctly. Exams are nothing compared to the labor my dad went through. I bet most of you guys don't even know what real labor is.

  • We have the internet!

    I am only 14 but i can say that i think that we have it easier. I have been reading the comments here and its true that now we have social media which can be very harmful, But we have less manual labour. Before u had to walk everywhere and it was hard to communicate to people. Now that is all easy.

  • Young ones today

    I agree that some young children get it hard today since there is social media and there is also peer pressure as well as competition in schools with the young children today. Some children just want to beat others in their year or in their class. Thank you for reading.

  • Being a teen now is easier

    This is because before our generation kids did not have technology to use. Back then, kids could not contact parents or their friends, they would need to write a letter (which would take days to send), now with a touch on a screen teens could instantly send text messages, make phone calls, and use social media to connect worldwide. Also, back then teenagers didn’t have cars. Now, when you turn 16 you can drive with a parent by your side and when your 18 you can drive alone. Back then cars weren’t even invented so the only transportation device that teens had was there feet or a bike. In addition- back then, teens didn’t have a debit card or a credit card. The only way to pay for something you wanted was with cash. Now teens can save money in a bank account, and shop whenever they want. Young teens have the ability to own a debit card and older teens or adults 18+ have the rights to own a credit card. This way helps teens save money and have more control over there allowances. The debit card wasn’t made until 1994 and the credit card wasn’t made until 1950. Having a debit or credit card helps teens pay easier and save money by adding cash to the card. This way even helps adults by paying the bill and being able to keep track of their payments.