Uber How are payments calculated

I don't know if something like this already exists here, so I thought I'd post a link to my spreadsheet. This is a calculator to help you figure out how much you've made with the guarantees. The formulas that I used are Orange County rates, so if you're in another market, you can just change the rates (cells D18 and D22).

This isn't meant to mirror Uber's pay, but it should be close enough to give you an idea of how much you've made, as well as your stats (acceptance rate, trips per hour, and so forth). So far, I have found that Uber's stats are greater than mine (meaning they show a higher acceptance rate than my records, for example). So, using this spreadsheet should provide a safety net.

The only cells you'll want to modify are "Rides", "Requested", "Accepted", "Start", "End", and "Offline". Enter your Start and End times as you regularly would (1pm, 2pm, 3pm, and so forth). Enter Offline time in minutes only. So, if you were offline for an hour and 5 minutes, enter 65.

You can also access this spreadsheet from your smartphone, so that way, you can update your stats while on the road. For iPhone users, it's called the Sheets app from Google.