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The following questions were asked in my recent computer programming course I am studying currently through Coursera MOOC.

  • What is the impact of programming on our world and does everyone need to learn programming? How might individual lives and society as a whole be changed if we found a way to include programming and technology at all levels of education?

The fact of the matter is that I can’t imagine our lives without technology and technology will not exist without programming. Directly or indirectly we are all connected to the use of technology in our daily lives. It has changed our modern world and our environment we live in has become even smaller as a direct result of it. We can watch movies, contact people across the world, work from anywhere just using a small hand held devices and the possibility has almost become infinite. We are able to achieve so much in so short space of time and it is hard to believe how we managed before without technology. We have to thank the genius of programming and without us human developing these skills, our social, our economy, our health, our demographic environment would have been completely different.

Yes I believe everyone should have the knowledge of programming although not essential but basic understanding would help. If everyone understood the power of programming we can diversify our input in how we protect environment, how we improve our health, social environment, etc. the more people contribute ideas, innovations, we have the bigger options available to us to solve problems. Technological revolution will not stop here and we have to find a way to make things better for the mass benefit. There is no better way of doing this by understanding the magnitude of how programming plays its part in our daily lives.

Inclusion of programming and technology at all levels of education will make a vast difference in improving our diverse socia-economic environment. We can find new ways of performing tasks quicker and efficiently which would otherwise take much longer. Particularly in health science we can improve how we diagnose and treat patient safely and without delay improving patient care. Look for harnessing natural energy or producing energy in different ways to save our planet from further destruction.

I am a big advocate for life long learning and my believe is that everyone should be allowed to learn what they want to and encouraged to do so. If our education systems across the world introduced programming and technology at all levels of education I would be so happy. Health and Education I believe should be our fundamental rights and one that should not be accessible to only those who can afford it

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