Kickstarter Have you got your LIFX Bulb

I now have 13 Lifx products throughout my home, and generally they all work very well. They are extremely bright, and the current versions produce better colours than Phillips', especially blues.

I remotely turn mine on whilst still at work, have numerous schedules to wake me up in the morning, dim the house at certain hours as the night draws on, have many scenes to fill my home with incredible different colours every night, and turn off at times I've gone to bed and left them on – why turn them off myself when they have such low energy usage...Read more

and will turn themselves off for me? Set and forget, too easy. Only very occasionally one may drop-out and be unresponsive, but it is seldom and easily fixed by just turning them off and on again. If yours aren't connecting then you need to check your modem settings, including what channel you're on and which frequency it is using. Don't blame Lifx for what they're trying to connect to. And here's a simple pro-tip: If you ever need to change your modem, use the same network name (SSID) and password from your old modem with the new one. The lights will connect again straight away and you won't have to disconnect and reconnect them again. This goes for all your connected devices, too. If I were to provide a negative, it's only with what you can do with themes and effects, but I'm wishing to get right into fine details that a typical user wouldn't necessarily want to do nor need, like specific colour changes throughout the house, not just random cycles. There are basic effects in the app, but I very rarely use them for they're too basic or just a novelty.