Is the word worthed in proper English

2Characterized by good intent but lacking in humour or imagination.

‘worthy but tedious advice’
  • ‘All of which contributes to making Sylvia a film which, while certainly worthy in intent, won't have very many people seeking to find out more about the poet.’
  • ‘My generation was raised on a diet of stultifyingly tedious, but worthy accounts of embryology, typically very badly printed on what appeared to be rice paper.’
  • ‘Usually it was a long and, I often felt, unnecessarily drawn-out and tedious experience where worthy but dull homilies were addressed to the assembled Gaels.’
  • ‘It is hard to evaluate Millet's work; the intention is so worthy and, although without subtlety, so persuasive, but the artistry is so deficient.’
  • ‘Wind farms are a horrible example of what happens when people with worthy intentions try to construct an ideology around them.’