Is Nimses a scam

At first I was enraged, and what I wanted to write was not so well formed. I was about to write something that’s not actually constructive or even helpful to the people that read these reviews, but I decided against it. My experience with Nimses thus far has been mostly poor. From their lack of communication, to their indecisiveness on what they want their platform to be I’ve been thoroughly disappointed. Edgy content is no longer at the forefront of this (or any) platform. Good, original memes have disappeared in exchange for soft core to not so soft core (literal) porn. The website will suspend people for writing edgy comments, but not for posting pictures/videos of near-naked to fully-naked women. There is injustice occurring within this platform, and it will be its downfall if left unmanaged. I consider myself to be someone who was beginning to make interesting, and humorous content. But now I have to jump through hoops to post something that won’t even display correctly, only to get me blocked for comments that (to anyone with a neuron firing in their skull) is obviously satire. To put it short, as of now, Nimses is utter and absolute garbage. If there was an award for most broken platform, you’d be a frontrunner for your trash app. Bye.