Is it normal to eat scabs

wow, you realize how asinine that is, right--telling someone it's OCD-ish (btw, it's not "ish," it IS on the OCD spectrum as a body-focused repetitive disorder), and then adding, "Please don't"? That implies the person can help it, and OCD can't be helped. Not to mention the fact they don't know you worth a damn and I'm sure you pleading with them to stop isn't going to provide any motivation.

I have this too--I pick at my skin and eat the dead skin/scabs that come off, and I also pull hair and eat the roots. They're two different disorders but are both BFRD (body-focused repetitive disorders) and are impulse control disorders. There aren't any cures, but you can try any or combinations of the following to stop:

-SSRIs (antidepressants)
-NAC (n-acetyl cysteine, available at drugstores)
-CBRT (a special kind of therapy that helps with disorders like skin picking, hair pulling, cheek biting, etc.)
...and a LOT more.

You are definitely not the only person in the world who has this, not by a long shot.