Is Dolo 650 safe to take

by lubna

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The Dolo 650 tablet is one of the medicines my family uses regularly as a pain killer and fever reducer. I usually think a lot about side effects before using any medicine but through my various experiences I have learnt that Dolo 650 is a safe medicine to use without any side effects.

First I learnt about Dolo 650 when my uncle went through an operation for kidney disorder and later doctor

prescribed Dolo 650 to be used on a regular basis for reducing the pain and even after a year he is using this medicine regularly as per his doctor’s suggestion. He takes half tablet in the morning and half tablet in the evening. And when my sister was suffering from fever, another doctor prescribed Dolo 650, so I was shocked and asked the doctor that this medicine must be very strong and requested him to change it but he made it clear that Dolo 650 is a mild yet very effective medicine.

I use Dolo 650 when I suffer from body pain which is very common for me due to long working hours and at the end of the day, after dinner, taking half or full Dolo 650 tablet makes me ready for the next day. Dolo 650 is a white solid tablet ...