Is Bill Maher homosexual

I think the difference between so called islamophobia and something like Anti Semitism is that one kind of hate has lasted centuries and is shown as hatred against the person and the religion.

To me and this is just me mind you Islamophobia is about the political part of Islam. Personally as a fag I find quite a few Muslim guys very hot. I long to go to Turkey and Egypt and make it with hairy Arab guys.

Islam however as a political force is regressive, homophobic and the biggest threat to Western values we could possibly have.

When Islamists say that they feel just like the Jews I think they are being hypocritical and incorrect. Islam have loathed the Jews since Mohammed and have wanted their extermination since Islam became a widespread religion.

In contrast islamophobia is very recent and while the regressive left and Islamic apologists have tried desperately to correlate the fact that people against Islam are basically racist, they are fighting an uphill battle as what is termed as Islamophobia is really a political dislike, rather than against a person.

It is the religion that there is fear, not against the person. The Regressive left wants to confuse us on this. It is up to us to make sure we do not.

by Anonymousreply 4003/29/2016