Is becoming a CNA worth it

I used to be a human resource manager in a nursing home and most of our CENAs (what you call CNA) were going into CENA because they wanted to be a nurse.

I would definitely recommend doing this!

First of all, it will give you some good experience to see what a nurse really does in the job.

You have to realize that you must have the heart for nursing, not just do it because you want the money and a steady paycheck. They don't pay a nurse or a CENA what their value is, so, if you don't like the work, you will quickly get burned out.

Be prepared to work hard in this field. You also need to be an excellent multi-tasker. Because you will be moving rapidly from patient to patient during busy times. Yes, you will bust your butt.

However, one big red flag I see is that you don't like paperwork. Both CNA and nursing involve a LOT of paperwork. So, you need to consider if you can handle the workload.

Yes, it will look better on your nursing school appliation.

But double check about the tuition reimbursement. Not every CNA position offers this benefit.