Is baingan a fruit or a vegetable

Are you looking for all vegetables name in English and Hindi languages? Then this post may help you.

There are many vegetables (sabji in English) what we often used to make various dishes. Some of those are well known in English whereas there are some vegetables what we only know in Hindi.

Let’s know all vegetables name in English and Hindi languages – Sabji in English (loki in english, ghiya in English, kaddu in english, turai in english, arabi vegetable in English, kheera in English, baingan in English, petha vegetable in English, Karela in English name, phool gobi in English, palak in English, kathal in English, shalgam in English, parwal in English)

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All vegetables name in English and hindi

 Serial No

Vegetables Name in Hindi

Vegetables Name in English


 1ChakundarBeetrootDark red colored root vegetable
 2KarelaBitter Gourd/Bitter MelonVery bitter in taste but healthy vegetable
 3Gheeya/loki/LaukiBottle GourdContains high percentage level of water,

Very big size vegetable

 4Patta GobiCabbageLooks like human head
 5Shimla MirchCapsicum/Bel pepperGreen colored hallow vegetable

perfect for salad and soup

 6Phool GobiCauliflowerIndia & China produce almost 3/4th of world’s total production
 7GajarCarrotIt is a very healthy vegetable

China is the major producer of carrot and it produces almost 45% of world’s total

 8Dhania patta/beejCoriander Leaf/seedsIt is also known as cilantro

It is most useful herb in Indian subcontinent

 9MakkaCorn/MaizeIt is actually cereal but we also use baby corn as a vegetable too
 10MirchChilliMost popular spice
 11Gwar foliFrench BeansChina is the major producer of this vegetable.

India also produce significant amount of french beans.

It is used to make different dishes.

It is often used in soup and salad

 12BainganBrinjalIt is also known as eggplant
 13MethiFenugreekChina & India are major producers of this vegetable.
 14KathalJackfruitIt is a popular fruit in Indian subcontinent

Unripe green jackfruit is used as an amazing vegetable.

 15BhindiLady Ginger/OkraA very popular summer vegetables in India
 16PudinaMintAn aromatic plant, its leaves are used to make various traditional dishes.

Pudina chutney is very popular in North India

Mint leaves are also used to make various refreshing drinks too.

 17ParwalPointed GourdIt is a dioecious (male & female plants) plant
 18AlooPotatoIt is starchy & tuberous vegetable

Very popular one across the world.

 19MuliRadishPopular roof vegetable

It is also available in different size and colors (mostly red & white colored)

 20TuraiRidged GourdIt is used to make some traditional dishes in India

Some people make loofah from dried ripe ridged gourd

 21ChichindaSnake GourdAnother amazing vegetable in gourd family

It is very long in size and sometimes it looks like snake, that is why it is called as snake gourd

 22PalakSpinachMost popular leafy vegetable across the world

It is also very popular in India

Fresh green colored baby spinach leaves are used in salad too.

 23Shakar KandSweet PotatoAnother starchy sweet tasting root vegetable

China is the largest producer (almost 70% of World’s total) of sweet potato

 24TamatarTomatoVery juicy, delicious and popular vegetable

China, India and United States are major producers of this vegetable

It is used in different main course dishes, salads and soups

 25ShalgamTurnipA popular root vegetable

It is used to make different traditional main course dishes and salads too

 26PethaAsh GourdIt is also known as ash pumkin

A large size popular vegetable in South Asia & South East Asia

 27Arbi/ArabiTaro rootIt is a root vegetable of tropical plant taro

Very popular in Northern & Eastern Indian states

 28KadduPumpkinVery big size & heavy weight vegetable

Both sweet & ripe pumpkin as well as unripe green pumpkin are used to make various dishes

It is used to make various main course dishes as well as delicious pumpkin soup too

Vegetable names starting with a to z in English to Hindi

  • Ash Gourd – Petha
  • Beetroot – Chakundar
  • Bitter Gourd/Bitter Melon – Karela
  • Bottle Gourd – Gheeya/loki/Lauki
  •  Brinjal – Baingan
  • Cabbage –  Patta Gobi
  • Capsicum/Bel pepper – Shimla Mirch
  • Cauliflower –  Phool Gobi
  • Carrot – Gajar
  • Coriander Leaf/seeds –  Dhania patta/beej
  • Corn/Maize –  Makka
  • Chilli – Mirch
  • French Beans – Gwar foli
  • Fenugreek – Methi
  • Jackfruit – Kathal
  • Lady Ginger/Okra – Bhindi
  • Mint – Pudina
  • Pointed Gourd – Parwal
  • Potato – Aloo
  • Pumpkin – Kaddu
  • Radish – Muli
  • Ridged Gourd – Turai
  • Snake Gourd –  Chichinda
  • Spinach – Palak
  • Sweet Potato – Shakar Kand
  • Tomato – Tamatar
  • Turnip – Shalgam
  • Taro root – Arbi/Arabi

So did you read all vegetables name in English and hindi? Then you can now answer these – Ridge gourd in Hindi, arbi vegetable in Hindi, bottle gourd in Hindi, snake gourd in Hindi, turnip in Hindi, spinach in Hindi, pointed gourd in hindi, mint in Hindi, radish in Hindi

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