Is a Harvard MBA worth the investment

As an engineer currently I'm making $70K plus with only 1.5 yrs out of school and expecting a promotion within the next few months which will boost my salary another $10-$15K. To be making $80k with an MBA while giving up 2 years of salary ($150K+) plus the tuition definitely won't make an MBA worth for me. The only reason I want an MBA is because i) I don't want to do technical work in the long run, and ii) I'm starting to realize I'm more interested in how corporations work, how they make their long-term investment decisions, things of that nature.

The only reason I'm asking about middle/ low tier MBAs is because I intend to remain in the northeast and my options are either all top MBAs (MIT/WHARTON/NYU/YALE/CORNELL/TEPPER/TUCK) or low tier MBAs (BU/Rochester/BC). I don't wanna do anything below the top 50. That's why I'm wondering if those low-tier MBA's will be worth the cost. Post MBA I'll be ok with $120-130K

Update: I'm a U.S. citizen. So not worried about any immigration related stuff.