How will GST implementation affect upcoming projects

Staff Reporter
SHILLONG, Oct 09: The implementation of the Goods and Services Tax (GST) will affect the candidates seeking votes in the upcoming 2018 state elections according to a number of MDCs of the Khasi Hills Autonomous District Council.
“The inclusion of GST in the implementation of the MDC schemes, sanctioned under the special assistance grant of the Centre, will no doubt affect the MDCs who are going to contest in the 2018 elections,” Leader of Opposition Manstudy Nongrem said here on Monday.

“We as MDCs, we need to get clarification on the matter so that the people we serve may also be enlightened in view that there are many vested interest who are taking advantage of the situation by spreading misinformation,” he added.
Nongrem, a senior Congress leader, who was also a former KHADC chief made the statement after a meeting of all the opposition members from the Congress, UDP and HSPDP, held in the city here on Monday.
He informed that the opposition members have unanimously decided to raise the GST issue in the upcoming Council’s session, which will start from October 12.
According to him, there is a lot of confusion on the manner the GST is being linked to the MDC schemes and tax that is being deducted from the projects implemented in the different constituencies.    
Nongrem said the main challenge faced is due to the fact that most of the projects under MDC schemes are being implemented by local committee of different villages, managing committee of different schools and others which are not registered contractors.        
“We feel that the executive committee of the KHADC has to take steps on this particular manner since the MDC schemes are being extended to local villages, schools and those implemented them are based on the recommendations of the respective MDCs,” he said.
Meanwhile, the KHADC chief PN Syiem has also decided to convene an all party meeting to discuss on the GST and VAT on Tuesday.
He also urged all the MDCs to attend the meeting.