How well do INTJs understand others

Are INTJs Evil?

Still, they get a bad rap and are often represented as bad guys, probably because they are thinking rather than feeling. Do a Google search on INTJ villains and a number of fictitious examples will pop up, like Draco Malfoy, Emperor Palpatine, Magneto, Mr. Burns, or Jake's dad from Adventure Time.

How Do INTJ Compare to Other Types?

The INTP and INFJ are probably the most similar to the INTJ because these three types are often considered the most intelligent in the Myers-Briggs spectrum.

How Do INTJ and INTP Compare?

An INTP is free-flowing in thought, somewhat indecisive, and might sometimes lack order. The INTJ is like the INTP, but sharper and more focused. The INTJ also isn't as spontaneous as the INTP.

How Do INFJ and INTP Compare?

An INFJ will sacrifice logic for the abstract, is feeling-oriented, and is humanity-driven to the core. The INTJ are like the INFJ except INTJs know when to hit the "eject" button rather than make the sacrifices INFJ folk find so appealing (and also get wrecked over).