How many views are viral on TikTok

You all know that Tiktok India is used very much! Today the trend of Tiktok is growing at very high speed! And today every person is crazy Of Tiktok! If you are a stoop crazy fan then you must read this post! Because in this post you have been told about How To Viral Tiktok Video With this help you can make your Tiktok video viral

Because today everyone wants to be Fames and it is also necessary to be Fames! Because life is very important! If you are too fan following, then today you will read this post! Because this post has told you all those things! With which you can make your post viral! And if you use all these steps, your video will be viral in some time! And if you can be a Fames then you must read this post

Friends today tell you why your Tiktok Video Viral does not happen! Or why it is viral! Because friends get some views on your Tactical video but they stop at some time! This is one of the reasons that in this post of today you will be able to move forward.

How To Viral Tiktok Video

You may be wondering why your Tiktok video does not have viral! So one of the reasons is that Kvitti is very low in your video! Or your video does not stop because your video is not viral! You have to disconnect your video in a few DSLR and high-quality cameras, then upload it

But you are thinking that we do not have DSLR Camera! It is not a matter of fact, but you have to make your video out of stack! After that, through Kinemaster or PowerDirector! Edit it with your mobile and it’s different if you have a laptop or a PC! Through that, you can use some VFX and Chromakey in your video! You can do this in mobile too with your laptop

Now you are thinking that we have not taught VFX! So do not you get a lot of videos on it in youtube

How to use Chromakey

Chromakey is a Green Effect behind you is a Green Curtain or Green Painted! With his help, the background behind your video goes away! And your video does not come in good quality and it looks good to look at

You use chromakey in your video chromakey and it will bring some new effects to your video! Because of which your video will be Quilty and your video will be very viral! It is a new tactical tax today! And because of that, your video becomes viral very fast! This must be done in your video once

How To Use Visual effects

You can use Visual Effects in your video, you can do it with your mobile too! Nowadays many apps in play store, with the help of which you can do this easily! And your video will be very helpful in getting viral

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