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Using the JUUL Charger

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    Plug the USB charger into a port. The charger that comes with your JUUL device has a USB plug so it can be used in multiple locations. Use a USB wall charger, laptop, or portable battery to plug the JUUL charger into. Make sure the charger is on a flat surface so your JUUL device doesn’t fall off of it while it’s charging.[1]
    • You can use any device that has a USB drive to charge your JUUL device.
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    Set the bottom of the JUUL device on the USB charger. Make sure the side of the JUUL device that has 4 slots faces down toward the charger. Set the JUUL device upright on top of the charger until it locks on magnetically. Let go of the JUUL device once the light on the front of it starts flashing.[2]
    • Make sure the JUUL device isn’t charging in an area where it can easily get knocked over.

    Tip: If the light doesn’t start flashing once the JUUL device is on the charger, then try a different plug and make sure power is connected.

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    Check the charging status of your JUUL device by double-tapping it. If you want to see how close your JUUL device is to full, tap the light on the front twice with your finger. If the light is red, the device has a low charge. If it’s yellow, the device has a medium charge, and the device has a high charge when it’s green.[3]
    • A JUUL device usually takes about 1 hour to charge from an empty to a full battery.[4]


Making a Charger with a Phone Cord

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    Cut the smaller end off of a USB phone cord. Use any phone charging cord you want and make sure it’s unplugged. Take a pair of scissors and cut off the side of the cord that plugs into your phone. When you’re finished, throw the cut end away.[5]
    • Don’t cut the wires while they’re plugged in or else you could get shocked.
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    Strip the red and black wires that are inside the phone cord. Detangle the wires inside of the phone cord and separate the black and red cords from the others. Place the edge of your scissors against one of the wires and scrape off the plastic coating. Only remove about 1412 inch (0.64–1.27 cm) from the end of the wires.[6]
    • You do not need to strip the green and white wires.
    • Sometimes the black wires will be in a silver casing instead.
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    Put the red and black wires into the left and right ports on the bottom of your JUUL device. Lay your JUUL device on a flat surface so the light is facing up. Hold the phone cord near the bottom of the device. Guide the red and white wires into the left- and right-most slots on the device. Push them in as far as you can so it has a solid connection.[7]
    • You may need to position your JUUL device differently so the wires don’t fall out.
    • Don’t let the red and black wires touch when the cord is plugged in since it could cause a spark.
  4. 4

    Plug the cord into a USB wall charger. Plug the other end of the phone cord into a wall charger or a portable battery. DO NOT use a laptop or other electronic device; this could cause a short circuit and damage your device. Make sure your power source is nearby so you can adjust the wires if needed.
    • Don't leave your new JUUL charger plugged in when you're not using it; the live, exposed wires could potentially start a fire.
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    Tape the wires in place so the JUUL can charge. Reposition the wires until you see the light flashing on your JUUL device. Once the light is blinking, wrap electrical tape around the base of your device so the wires stay in place. Leave your JUUL device to charge for about 1 hour.[8]
    • If the lights don’t start blinking, try plugging the cord into another USB device.

    Warning: Never leave the JUUL device unattended while it’s charging since you had to expose wires.


  • Don’t leave your JUUL device with an empty charge for more than 2 weeks since the battery might lose its longevity.[9]
  • Clean your charging ports once a month with a dry cotton swab.[10]


  • Always unplug cords before you cut them so you don’t get electrocuted.
  • Do not use a JUUL device if you are under the legal smoking age in your area.
  • Don’t leave a JUUL device unattended if you the wires on another phone cord.
  • Unlike what some videos online suggest, a JUUL device will not charge by rubbing 2 knives together.

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Using the JUUL Charger

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