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Dog Training is all about getting your canine to behave well, but some people do it for sports and other entertainment purposes. Some of the other reasons people train their dogs are:

It rewarding since you get a sense of accomplishment once a dog can do something new.

It is a good opportunity to bond with the dog - this is important for the dog and for the owner.

You can make money when you train dogs as a business or for sport.

Training the dog is fun and it challenges the owner and the dog.

Different trainers have different techniques for training their canine. However, some techniques are more effective than others. To learn about the best techniques, visit a registered dog trainer, talk to a veterinarian, or do online or offline research.

There are several types of training that you, or a professional, can explore to train dogs and these are:

1) Behavior and obedience training: One training that is universal is behavior and obedience training. This is done on dogs of all ages, but it is better to start when the canine is a puppy because as they say, it is hard to teach old dogs new tricks. Behavior and obedience dog trainingbrings out the best in the dog and it makes understanding each other easier.

2) House training: House training is very important and it should also start when the dog is still a puppy. House training is all about training the dog to have house manners and to respect your space. There are several techniques used for this and they include crate training and pad training for training the dog to 'go' outside.

3) Positive reinforcement: Positive reinforcement is a new type of training approach and it is all about rewarding the dog for good behavior or for learning a new trick. All animals tend to perform better when there is a promise of a reward. Possible rewards are snacks, interaction with other dogs, giving the dog your attention, or giving the dog tug toys - the reward should take into consideration what the dog likes because dogs are different.

4) Negative reinforcement: Negative reinforcement training approach has been used for many years where the dog is punished for failure to learn or to behave properly, but this does not work because it only makes the canine scared and causes it to lose confidence. Negative reinforcement techniques included beatings and electric shocks.

5) Trick training: Trick training is done for fun, by those who want a sports dog, and those involved in other entertainment activities such as the circus. You should choose the dog carefully to avoid frustration because some dogs are easier to train than others.

6) Teething: It is important to train dogs when they are teething because they are under a lot of pain and they usually chew on furniture such as table legs, shoes, and even wallpaper. Possible training techniques for discouraging the chewing are bad-smelling sprays on items that are at risk and giving the dog chew toys.

7) Command training: It is possible to train dogs to follow commands. These commands include 'sit', 'attack', and 'fetch', among others. This requires patience and there are various techniques of dog training that can be used to achieve this such as giving rewards.

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