How do you root Galaxy S10


I just picked up a SM-G975U to play with.

Before you get your hopes up, Root and BL Unlock is NOT POSSIBLE on USA variants at this time!

I created this discussion so those willing and able can brainstorm with me with hopes of achieving root or unlock.

Now I wouldnt be creating this thread if I didnt think it was possible or without some form of teasers.

Dont ask me how but flashing combo is possible. I cannot and will not share the method/files as they are not mine to do so.

I noticed on combo this time around if you toggle oem unlock there is a tag that says "OEM Unlocked" when you enter download mode. When you long press vol up it also takes you to the unlock screen. After pressing vol up to accept it reboots and wipes data.

I am not sure the steps after this but so far havent been successful in flashing modified firmware. It is possible this is just a visual but I feel this is closer than any past devices ive owned. Anyone with know how on where the flash lock bit is stored would be of great help.

I should be able to flash some partitions after modifying them such as vbmeta or dtbo etc. to hopefully unlock the BL if I only knew what to modify.

This is not a how-to or dev thread so dont expect me to share any files. It is merely to discuss how the BL is unlocked on SD S10 devices to hopefully lead to an unlock down the road.

To my understanding, toggling the oem unlock sets a bit that tells the system that oem unlocking is allowed as well as disables security such as frp. This persists across reboots and firmware flashes etc.

After that, in DL mode there is a tag that also says device is oem unlocked. At this point you need to actually hold vol up to actually oem unlock the device.

After this I am unclear. We should be able to flash custom firmware at which verified boot state will be orange and the flash lock bit is 0. In my case, verified state is still green and flash lock is still 1 and flashes fail unless officially signed.

I know the dtbo is related to verity and vbmeta to verified boot. Vaultkeeeper to rlc. Then you have metadata, a few "keys" related partitions etc etc.

What is everyones take on this? Any ideas/suggestions are greatly appreciated in advance!